8th grade Filly teams take 2nd at Bandera

The 8th grade volleyball teams both played against Medina Valley, Bandera, and Comfort, both placing 2nd.
Fillys Maroon vs. Medina Valley
Defensively, L. Herrera scored the only 2 aces. There were many hits; K. Duncan 3, D. Alvarez 2,and K. Yeats, L. Shook, A. Gerlach, A. Pompa, and M. Hein each with 1. Assisting was Hein with 2. There were 4 total kills; Duncan 3 and Pompa 1.
Offensively, there were 2 blocks by Hein. They girls also had many digs; Herrea 8, D. Reyna 6, Hein 4, C. Martinez and Y. Garza each with 3, Pompa 2, and Shook, Gerlach, and Duncan each with 1.
“This game was fun,” Coach Shana Beaty said. “Medina Valley was competitive and their game brought out the competitors in my girls!”
Fillys Maroon vs. Bandera
Defensively the Fillys had 13 hits; Duncan 5, Alvarez 3 and Yeats and Shook each with 1. They also had 8 assists; Hein 4 and Garza and Pompa each with 2. Again, they had a total of 8 kills; Alvarez and Yeats each with 2, and Shook, Gerlach, Duncan, and Garza each with 1.
They had many digs; Reyna 9, Duncan and Gerlach each with 5, Martinez 4, Herrera 3, and Geyer, Yeats and Gerlach each with 1.
“We should have won this game,” Coach Beaty said. “The mental aspect of this game played a major role with our loss.”
Fillys Maroon vs. Comfort
Defensively, the Fillys had 10 hits; Yeats 3, Shook, Duncan and Garza each with 2 and Alvarez 1. There were also 5 assists; Pompa 3 and Hein 2 and 5 kills; Alvarez, Gerlach, Duncan, Garza, and Pompa each with 1.
Defensively, they had may digs; Herrea and Geyer with 6 each, Reyna 3, Martinez and Garza each with 2 and Crossland and Duncan each with 1.
“We played them right after our loss, so it was hard to get them adjusted,” Coach Beaty said. “I am super proud of them!”
Fillys Gold vs. Bandera
The Filly Gold team played Bandera first. There were 6 aces; Brianna T. 3, Kendall M. 2, and Jackie W. 1. There were 5 hits; Brianna 2, and Emily C., Kendall, and Mayah B. each with 1. There were 3 assists; Samantha L. 2 and Kendall 1.
Blocking were Mayah 2, and Jenysse G., Samantha, and Kendall each with 1. There were also a few digs; Emily 3, Samantha and Ashlyn C. each with 2, and Chasity R. and Kylee S. each with 1.
“Coach Miller did a great job of helping me at the tournament,” Coach Beaty said. “The level of competition was really good for these girls.”
Fillys Gold vs. Medina Valley
The Filly Gold team played Medina Valley and had 5 total hits in this game; Emily, Samantha, Chasity, Kendall, and Brooke S. each with 1. Again, 5 assists; Samantha 3 and Kendall 2. Also they had 5 kills; Kendall 2, and Emily, Samantha, and Chasity each with 1.
There were 5 blocks; Samantha and Brianna with 2each and Mayah with 1. Also many digs were scored; Brianna 3, Emily and Samantha each with 2, and Ashlyn 1.
“We had great effort from all girls in all games,” Coach Beaty said.
Fillys Gold vs. Bandera
They won against Bandera again with 7 aces;Chasity 2, Samantha, Kendall, Kylee, Brianna, and Brooke each with 1. Three hits were also scored; Kendall 2 and Mayah 1. They also had 4 assists; Samantha and Kendall each with 2. Again, they had 5 kills; Ashlyn 2, and Bailey, Samantha, and Brianna each with 1.
Defensively, many blocks were scored; Kendall and Mayah each with 2, and Emily, Samantha, and Brianna each with 1. There were 4 digs; Emily, Samantha, Ashlyn, and Kendall each with 1.
“Brooke Schott scored the winning serve and the girls were elated,” Coach Beaty said. “Great job girls! We are so proud of you!”
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer