7th grade Fillys grab 2nd, 8th grade 3rd at Bandera Relays

The Devine Middle School Fillys got their first taste of a true track meet last week at the Bandera Bulldog Relays. The first two previous meets this season were “ribbon meets” meaning no true places, times, or finishes were actually recorded.
The 7th grade Fillys performed well finishing second in their division behind Kerrville who took nearly twice as many runners as did the Fillys due to the size of their school. The 8th grade Fillys also finished behind Kerrville and a strong Bandera team to take third.
Seventh grade Filly highlights included a first place finish by Rylee Esquibel in High Jump, a second place by Makayla Rivera in the 100m Dash, a second place by Katelyn Joslin in both the 1600m and 3200m Run, a second place by Kate Featherly in the 100m Hurdles, and a second place by Denise Contreras in High Jump.
Eighth grade Filly highlights included second place finishes by Avery Cruz in Long Jump and by Neenah Guerrero in Pole Vault.
Coach Speak
The set of vaulters that I get to work with everyday show a positive attitude and have the desire to improve.—Pole Vault Coach Hannah
7th Team rankings: 1st-Kerville-257.3, 2nd-Devine-140.3, 3rd-Bandera Blue-96.3, 4th-Hondo-73, 5th-Lackland-17, 6th-Bandera White-10, 7th-Fredericksburg Heritage-7. Not scoring—Big Springs, Hunt, Winston.
7th Fillys: 100m Dash—2nd-Makayla Rivera-14.24, 3rd-Taylor Olson, 9th-Brynlea Byrd-15.20; 200m Dash—4th-Rylee Esquibel-31.59, 13th-Jisselle Corral-33.90, 17th-Gabriella Mares-34.68; 400m Dash—6th-Madeline Hein-1:16.78, 11th-Reese Duncan-1:20.99, 15th-Eva Ozer-1:25.19; 800m Run—4th-Katelyn Joslin-2:57.85; 1600m Run—2nd-Joslin-6:14.60, 7th-Emiley Mares-7:11.96; 3200m Run—2nd-Joslin-13.12.72; 100m Hurdles—2nd-Kate Featherly-18.98, 3rd-Kelsey Dishman-19.85, 4th-Broolynn Miller-19.92; 300m Hurdles—5th-Miller-58.42, 6th-Dishman-1:00.44, 8th-Featherly-1:02.24; 4x100m Relay—2nd-Olson, Byrd, Rivera, Denise Contreras-57.20; 4x200m Dash—4th-Mckyenzie Flores, Camryn Darby, Rivera, Contreras-2:36.0; 4x400m Dash—3rd-Flores, Esquibel, Jazlynn Briseno, Hilary Barnett-4:57.94; Long Jump—6th-Dishman 12’8¾”, 7th-Byrd-12’4¼”, 10th-Flores-10’5½”; Shot Put—3rd-Contreras-27’2”, 4th-Mackayla Schnautz-26’2”, 8th-Viviana Torres-52’1”; Avery Mobley-22’6”; Discus—3rd-Schnautz-56’3”, 7th-Viviana Torres-52’1”; Triple Jump—3rd-Contreras-28’7”, 4th-Featherly-28’0”; High Jump—1st-Esquibel-4’4”, 2nd-Contreras-4’2”, 6th-Miller-4’0”.
8th Team rankings: 1st-Kerville-331.5, 2nd-Bandera Blue-75, 3rd-Devine-57, 4th-Hondo-54, 5th-Fredericksburg Heritage-35.5, 6th-Lackland-30, 7th-Bandera White-10. Not scoring—Big Springs, Hunt, Winston.
8th Fillys: 100m Dash—5th-Avery Cruz-14.47, 6th-Genesis De La Garza-14.55; 200m Dash—5th-Leslie Manzanares-30.07, 7th-Nayeli Saldana-30.65, 10th-Jacquelyn Schreck-31.07; 400m Dash-8th-Cassandra Elias-1:15.03; 800m Run—7th-Allison Dugosh-2:54.08; 1600m Run—8th-Angelina Rios-6:56.62; 100m Hurdles—4th-Neenah Guerrero-17.89, 7th-Oropeza-18.69, 8th-Kristina Moralez-18.92; 300m Hurdles—4th-Moralez-56.91, 6th-Oropeza-58.54; 4x100m Relay—Saldana, Manzanares, Cruz, Guerrero-56.92; 4x200m Relay—4th-Saldana, Manzanares, Schreck, Karsyn Brown-2:02.76; Long Jump—2nd-Cruz-14’4½”, 5th-Moralez-14’2½”, 7th-Angelina Rios-13’2½”; Shot Put—8th-Kaylie Carrillo-23’11”, 14th-Ebany Garcia-19’4”, 15th-Elias-19’3½”; Pole Vault—2nd-Guerrero-6’6”.
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By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer