7th grade Colts compete in Hondo Tournament

7th Grade Gold
In the Hondo tournament, the 7th Grade Gold Colts were unbeatable and came home tournament champions. Facing Medina Valley and Hondo, the Colts played tough and had a strong defense that was tough to penetrate.
Devine beat Medina Valley 38-17 and then faced Hondo in the championship game where they won 36-26. Hondo put up a tough fight at home but were not able to stop the Colts.
7th Grade Maroon
In their first basketball tournament, the 7th Grade Maroon Colts brought home Consolation after facing two tough opponents, Medina Valley and Bandera.
Coach Jacob Sanchez and his team faced Medina Valley in their first game and lost 18-32. Medina Valley had to fight the entire game for the win because the Colts never gave up. In their second game, the Colts continued to play hard and when they faced Bandera, they won 32-23. Coach Sanchez and his team will host a home tournament on January 19th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer