7th Grade Colts and Fillys run away with La Vernia track championships

There’s a good chance the Devine ISD business office will be getting a bill for the medals given out at the La Vernia Middle School track meet last Friday over in Bear Country. The 7th grade middle school Colts and Fillys easily captured both championship plaques and racked up 91 of the 1st thru 6th spots from all events.
The Colts finished with 261.6 points easily outdistancing themselves from host La Vernia and their 183.5 points. The only other schools to get points were FEAST (71), San Antonio Home School (29), La Vernia ‘B’ (1), and San Antonio Academy (1).
The Fillys notched 241 points to soundly beat La Vernia who had 181. The other schools competing were FEAST (120), La Vernia ‘B’ (16), and San Antonio Home School (12).
7th Fillys: 100m Dash—1st-Makayla Rivera-14.28, 4th-Kaylee Ramano-14.72, 6th-Taylor Olson-14.96; 200m Dash—1st-Ramano-30.74, 4th-Camryn Darby-32.09, 5th-Iris Stricker-32.75; 400m Dash—3rd-Hilary Barnett-1:15.0, 4th-Madeline Hein-1:15.5; 800m Dash—1st-Katelyn Joslin-2:47.9; 1600m Run—2nd-Joslin-6:42.3; 2400m Run—2nd-Joslin-NA; 100m Hurdles—1st-Kelsey Dishman-19.15, Brooklynn Miller-19.24, 4th-Kate Featherly-19.58; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Dishman-1:01.3, 4th-Miller-1:01.9, 5th-Featherly-1:02.8; 4x100m Relay—1st-Olson, Romano, Rivera, Denise Contreras-56.84; 4x200m Relay—1st-McKyenzie Flores, Darby, Rivera, Contreras-2:00.7; 4x400m Relay—2nd-Barnett, Flores, Zoe Ortiz, Jazlynn Briseno-5:06.7; Long Jump—1st-Dishman-12’9”, 3rd-Romano-12’7”, 4th-Brynlea Byrd-12’4”; Shot Put—Mackayla Schnautz-26’4”, 3rd-Contreras-24’11”, 4th-Avery Mobley-24’8”; Discus—2nd-Vivian Torres-64’3”, 3rd-Schnautz-58’0 ¼”, 6th-Kiara Yracheta-46’8”; Triple Jump—2nd-Contreras-27’9” and Featherly-27’9”, 5th-Emiley Mares-25’10”; High Jump—5th-Contreras-4’0”, Miller-3’10”; Pole Vault—2nd-Joslin-6’0”.
7th Colts: 100m Dash—2nd-Gabriel Esquibel-13.18, 3rd-Elijah Sanchez-13.36, 4th-Seth Deleon-13.72; 200m Dash—2nd-Esquibel-27.74, 3rd-Adrian Gutierrez-28.84, 4th-Deleon-29.59; 400m Dash—2nd-Sam Guardiola-1:06.09, 4th-Luke Friesenhahn-1:09.18, 6th-Sebastian Espinosa-1:10.41; 800m Run—1st-Stephan Culver-6:06.67; 110m Hurdles—1st-Aaron Bonilla-20.18, 5th-Josiah Martinez-22.37; 300m Hurdles—1st-Bonilla-51.96, 4th-Martinez-56.84; 4x100m Relay—2nd-Esquibel, Sanchez, Dominique Valerio, Luciano Rodriguez-52.37; 4x200m Relay—2nd-Gutierrez, Sanchez, Valerio, Rodriguez-1:51.59; 4x400m Relay—2nd-Bonilla, Guardiola, Valerio, Rodriguez-4:23.03; Long Jump—1st-Sanchez-15’3”, 2nd-Bonilla-15’2”, 4th-Esquibel-15’0”; Shot Put—1st-Victor Schaelfer-33’11”, 2nd-Gutierrez-30’10¼”, 3rd-Adrian Beltran-29’10”; Discus-2nd-Gutierrez-79’2”, 3rd-Corey Dirck-76’11”; Triple Jump—2nd-Rodriguez-29’7½”, 3rd-Zachary Serna-28’11½”; High Jump—1st-Friesenhahn-4’8”, 3rd-Bonilla-4’6”, 6th-Guardiola-4’2”; Pole Vault—2nd-Lokey Aguero-Munoz-7’0”, 3rd-Mason Walker-6’6”.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer