7th and 8th grade Colts garner 2nd place finish in Bandera Relays

The first traditional track meet of the season for the Devine Middle School Colts notched each team a second place finish. Up to this point of the season, the Colts have participated in “ribbon meets” which produces no final point standings, individual places, or team champions.
Highlights for the 7th grade Colts included a first place finish by Aaron Bonilla in the 110m Hurdles and a second place in High Jump. Luke Friesenhahn won High Jump and Seth Deleon placed second in the 100m Dash, as did Luciano Rodriguez in Triple Jump. Each relay team also earned silver medals.
Eighth grade Colt highlights included running the table in Shot Put with Devon Ramirez winning, Joaquin Philippi getting second, and Blain Davis finishing third. Philippi won Discus as well. Second place went to Jathan Razo in the 300m Hurdles, to Aaron Saenz in the 110 Hurdles and High Jump, and to Davis in Discus. Lokey Aguero-Munoz took gold in High Jump. As was the case for the 7th grade relay teams, each 8th grade relay squad also took home the silver medal.
Coach Speak
These vaulters want to get better every meet and have a great attitude for wanting to improve.— Coach Hannah Thompson
The 8th grade boys did an amazing job this week setting some new PR’s in both Shotput and Discus. We took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in both events with Joaquin Philippi (Discus) and Devon Ramirez (Shotput) taking 1st in their events and setting PR’s for themselves. We are getting better every week and the kids are having fun at the same time.— Coach Jacob Sanchez
7th Team rankings: 1st-Kerville-271, 2nd-Devine-166, 3rd-Bandera Blue-77, 4th-Hondo-75, 5th-Bandera White-10. Not scoring—Big Springs, Fredericksburg Heritage, Hunt, Lackland, and Winston.
7th Colts: 100m Dash—2nd-Seth Deleon-13.21, 4th-Elijah Sanchez-13.35, 13th-Jonathan Weinkam-15.07; 200m Dash—3rd-Adrian Gutierrez-28.19, 4th-Deleon-28.75; 400m Dash—4th-Sam Guardiola-1:05.65, 6th-Derrick Razo-1:08.15, 9th-Diego Mendoza-1:10.79; 800m Dash—3rd-Zackary Serna-2:39.82, 4th-Stephan Culver-2:40.08, 7th-Luke Friesenhahn-2:44.82; 1600m Run—1st-Culver-6:09.25, 6th-Gunnar Hershberger-7:34.20; 110m Hurdles—4th-Josiah Martiniez-22.49; 300m Hurdles—1st-Aaron Bonilla-50.22, 7th-Martinez-55.73; 4x100m Relay—2nd-Bonilla, Sanchez, Dominique Valerio, Luciano Rodriguez-53.54; 4x200m Relay—2nd-Gutierrez, Sanchez, Valerio, Rodriguez-1:51.26; 4x400m Relay—2nd-Bonilla, Valerio, Guardiola, Rodriguez-4:24.29; Long Jump—3rd-Sanchez-14’8”, 5th-Bonilla-14’1”; Shot Put—3rd-Victor Schaefer-35’9”, 4th-Gutierrez-34’9”, 6th-Adrian Beltran-31’9”; Discus—5th-Corey Dirck-77’1”, 6th-George Saenz-69’7”, 7th-Roger Gutierrez-66’7”; Triple Jump—2nd-Rodriguez-29’8”, 3rd-Weinkam-28’9½”, 4th-Serna-28’5”; High Jump—1st-Friesenhahn-4’8”, 2nd-Bonilla-4’8”.
8th Team rankings: 1st-Kerville-241, 2nd-Devine-171, 3rd-Hondo-70, 4th-Bandera Blue-64, 5th-Lackland-28, 6th-Fredericksburg Heritage-25. Not scoring—Bandera White, Big Springs, Hunt, Winston.
8th Colts: 100m Dash—3rd-Blain Davis-12:43, 4th-Marcus Rodriguez-12.47, 5th-Jordan Rodriguez-13.20; 200m Dash—3rd-Zack Martinez-26.94, 5th-Gabriel Lopez-27.14, 7th-Blain Davis-28.84; 400m Dash—5th-Kaivery Alvarez-1:02.35, 8th-Camden White-1:04.68, 9th-Samuel Mills-1:04.73; 800m Dash—3rd-Jathan Razo-2:25.15, 7th-White-2:31.61, 8th-Kristopher Aguirre-2:33.20; 1600m Run—4th-Rylan Mata-5:49.39; 110m Hurdles—2nd-Aaron Saenz-19.21, 5th-Nicholas Ortiz-21.11, 11th-Aiden Zapata-22.71; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Razo-46.95, 3rd-Fernandez-48.62, 4th-Saenz-49.83; 4x100m Dash—2nd-Davis, M. Rodriguez, Lokey Aguero-Munoz, Jaieden Burford-49.53l; 4x200m Relay—2nd-Aguero-Munoz, Enrique Midobuche, Burford, Lopez-1:45.90; 4x200m Relay—2nd-Saenz, Razo, Aguero-Munoz, Burford-4:05.78; Long Jump—8th-Tristan Walker-13’7”, 9th-Ortiz-13’5”; Shot Put—1st-Devon Ramirez-37’11”, 2nd-Joaquin Philippi-35”7”, 3rd-Davis-34’3”; Discus—1st-Philippi-126’11”, 2nd-Davis-115’0 ½”, 4th-Zapata-109’9”; Triple Jump—3rd-Saenz-35’6”, 10th-Midobuche and Fernandez-31’3”; High Jump—2nd-Saenz-5’0”, 3rd-Aguero-Munoz-5’0”, 7th-Razo-4’6”; Pole Vault—1st-Aguero-Munoz-8’0”.
Next up: At La Vernia Wednesday, March 6.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer