66 service calls

Another busy week, officers handled 66 calls for service. We had a “little of this” and a “little of that”.
Property crimes reported this week included two mini-storage burglaries. Both occurred at the Lytle One Stop Storage (behind the Exxon). The items taken included a set of tires and rims, two laptops, and some personal items including a military medal display. We are not sure when the burglaries occurred. A parent reported that their son’s iPhone was taken while he was playing basketball at John Lott Park, attempts to locate it were unsuccessful. Officers responded to the Lytle Public Library for a report of criminal mischief. It appears that someone kicked in the door to a storage shed, nothing was taken…..it was full of junk (like most storage sheds). Another complainant reported that some items left on a gravestone were damaged, this occurred at the Lytle Comm. Cemetery.
Arrests this week…. The week started off with a DWI arrest. Sgt. Hanson was patrolling the access road when he observed another vehicle headed straight at him. I guess the guy figured the access road was one-way. Hanson was able to avoid a collision (with a full second to spare!) and get the vehicle stopped. The driver was intoxicated, big surprise. He was taken to jail. A couple other contacts resulted in citations for possession of drug paraphernalia, those individuals were cited and released. Ofc. A. Lopez arrested a couple people off of a traffic stop as well. Both the driver and passenger were charged with possession of meth, the passenger was also charged unlawful carrying of a handgun.
Officers are also investigating an incident on Short St. where a handgun was fired into the ground during an altercation.
In other news, employees of the HEB C-Store found a small baggie of marijuana, it was turned into us. I’m about 99% sure that nobody will claim it.
On the family side – We slipped away to Galveston for a couple nights. We visited the sites, had a great time and ate too much. Pretty much the story of all my vacations.
The city held an auction up at the community center last Saturday. We sold a couple vehicles and city was able to get rid of a few things. The weather didn’t cooperate, we got a good bit of rain. If we had a bunch of raincoats we were trying to get rid of, we would have been in great shape.