Welcome to my first weekly report of 2023! Some numbers from last week: Officers handled a total of 65 service calls and conducted 136 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 113 citations and 23 warnings.
We have been very fortunate that we had very few property crimes reported during the holiday season. Normally, thefts and vehicle burglaries rise for various reasons. People are busy and more distracted; they tend to leave more valuables in their vehicles and pay less attention to what is going on around them. We also have a lot of travelers that pass-through town, some just stopping to shop and others staying at the hotel. So, we have been blessed. For example, this week we only had one possible property crime and it was related to a disturbance at a residence and involved damaged property. We can keep this rolling if citizens stay alert and report suspicious activity. Lock your vehicles and keep your valuables out of sight or better yet, don’t leave them in your vehicle.
Our officers made four arrests this past week, the result of three traffic stops. #1 – Ofc. Pena arrested a female for DWI; she was stopped for driving on the shoulder and was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #2 – Sgt. David Lopez conducted a traffic stop for an expired motor vehicle registration on FM 463. The driver told Sgt. Lopez that he had “warrants” and when Lopez went to detain him observed a .45 cal. Handgun in a shoulder holster. Sgt. Lopez secured the weapon and determined that the suspect had an active felony parole violator warrant. He was a convicted felon and could not legally possess the handgun. He was arrested for Felon in a Possession of a Firearm and booked into the Medina Co. Jail. Ofc. A. Lopez was nearby and responded quickly for backup. Fortunately, this fellow went peacefully. With a parole warrant and another felony, this guy is headed back to prison for sure, had he opted for a way out …. this incident could have ended in tragedy. Arrests #3 & #4 – On January 1st, Ofc. Anthony Lopez conducted a traffic stop for an expired motor vehicle registration on Lytle-Somerset St. and determined the female driver had an active theft warrant out of Bexar Co. Further investigation determined that the male passenger was in possession of cocaine (Haven’t seen that in while, what is this the 80’s?) and THC wax (both felonies). The couple was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. What a way to start off the New Year.
We sent out our first community alert due to a “bailout” of migrants from a police stop. At about 6:30 AM on Friday a State Trooper stopped a Ford F150 and approx. 10-12 individuals fled into the wooded area between TXN Bank and Best Western. Our officers searched the area but were unable to locate them. Our intent is to let residents know so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Often the migrants end up injured and need medical help too.
On Sunday our officers assisted another Trooper that stopped a vehicle on IH-35 and detained 5 immigrants. Since all were detained, no notice was sent out.
Lytle PD fielded a 4-man crew to ring in the New Year. Officers stayed busy and gave numerous warnings for fireworks violations. No serious incidents occurred and overall, it was a safe transfer into 2023. I often work on New Year’s Eve but this year I stayed at home, I guess I was asleep by about 10 PM. I was feeling a bit under the weather, but I would have gone to bed early anyway. I didn’t get called in the middle of the night, which is always a good sign.
I am looking forward to a fun-filled year! We still have our big Stripes C-Store that is set to open in March or so and the big truck stop out on FM 3175 @ IH-35 should start construction soon too. We still have lots of road construction on the access roads of the interstate ahead of us as well. If that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what is. Don’t forget the all the subdivisions construction… I am about ready to proclaim 2023 as the year of “traffic congestion”.