162 new cases this week, total of 401 COVID-19 now in Medina County, 3 more deaths

Medina County just reported three additional deaths at press time on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, for a total of 7 Medina County residents who have passed away of COVID-19 as the count surpasses 400 now in Medina County of total reported cases. Nine people are hospitalized and there are 132 active cases plus another 71 probable.
That’s 162 new cases in just the last 8 days, since July 13th!

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“I think we are all at the point where everybody knows someone with coronavirus now just a 2 or 3 person distance away, whether it be a family member, friend or community member. We have to assume it’s in our circle already and protect ourselves,” said Keith Lutz, MC Emergency Manager.
“Masks please. It is time to back up and tighten our small circles even more. Help our communities by wearing a mask. Enough has shown us that masks are effective. Use them when out and in your businesses”, said Patricia Mechler, Medina County Health Unit Director.
“Today is not a good day of COVID-19 Case information: The total is up by 28 cases and 4 additional cases are hospitalized. We sadly are also reporting 3 additional deaths for Medina County. 2 females in their 60’s and 1 male in his 70’s. Two had underlying health issues. For the privacy of the family, no additional information will be released. Our sympathy goes out to those family and friends that are affected by this loss,” said Jennifer Adlong, Administrative Assistant, Medina County Judge’s Office.
Judge Chris Schuhart stressed in the press conference Monday, “By now we have all seen someone close to us suffer with the virus. The only way to get on with our lives it to take precautions to get rid of it. It is not acting like a normal virus and it just keeps showing up. I am not a doctor but I suggest people look at Dr. Richard Neel’s successful treatment plan and others like him. It frustrates me when people go to the hospital with symptoms of COVID and are just sent home without being told to take anything. Try something that seems to be working, at least take vitamins, do your research. Protect yourself. I appreciate all the extra effort Dr. Neel and his team have put forth to help everyone and educate them on his successful treatments. We are very fortunate to have him here in Medina County.”
The county stressed that people need to do their own contact notifications if they test positive of people they may have come in contact with. There are too many cases and too few people to do it. You must do it yourself and be a responsible citizen. Please notify the school if it is a student that has been at school so they can notify others and take action to protect others. It is so important people realize they must do this on their own if we are going to slow down the spread.

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