Zapata family enjoys Guido’s State Championship

The Devine contingent in Mike A. Meyers Stadium in Austin was stronger in numbers and vocal support than any other fan-base from any other school that had a team or individual in competition. It speaks volumes about how much this town supports and cares for one of its own.
Several people in the stands that day share the same DNA with Guido. Here is what they had to say about Guido and his outstanding accomplishment.
Elaine Hoog, grandmother—It was so awesome. I cheered; I cried. I was so proud of him. The good Lord is always there.
Aiden, brother, 6th grade Colt—I watched Guido get better each track meet by beating his time. I really believed that he was going to win the State Gold! When the gun went off I could not breathe, I was so nervous, then all of sudden he was in first place and then he WON! The whole crowd was jumping & screaming for him as he crossed the finish line. I am very proud of you Guido!

Lots of family and friends made the trip from Devine to Austin to watch Guido compete.

Jordan, sister, Devine (2016) and recent Texas A&M graduate (2019)—The excitement when Quentin crossed the finish line, I have never seen him show so much emotion right after a race. It is a race that I will always remember! Quentin finally achieved his goal that he set back in Middle School.
Dawn, mom, Devine Class of 1988—I was so nervous that whole day. When it was finally his time to race I could not stand still. Then the race started; Quentin started strong and by the third hurdle he was on fire and took the lead. I was screaming so loud and then when he won, I cried. I was so happy and proud! He has worked so hard for this and now he has the State Gold Medal. It was an amazing day I will never forget.
Andrew, dad, Devine Class of 1988—We started going to the UIL State track meet 4 years ago and I remember talking to my boys about how amazing it was to watch all these talented athletes compete… now Guido is one of them. What a journey this has been for my son & family. I have never seen him so determined and focused as I have seen him this year. As a parent, it is an unbelievable experience to watch your child work so hard to achieve their goals. He has had amazing community support and we cannot thank Coach Khera Vay and Coach Lon Cozby enough for their dedication to making my son the “BEST”. We are truly blessed!
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer