Help Adrien Chak in his Fight Against Cancer June 29th

Adrien Chak, 27, from Des Moines, Iowa, great-grandson of the beloved Lucia Chapa, grandson of Diana Chapa Scott and son of Marla Borges, is courageously battling cancer and we are seeking your support.

In October 2023, during a routine checkup, Adrien was diagnosed with Stage II Testicular Cancer. The diagnosis followed an ultrasound and biopsy of a growth. With little time to process this news, he underwent emergency surgery, where an orchiectomy was performed. The growth, which had initially seemed typical, had mutated into a neuroectodermal tumor. This rare form of cancer is so unusual that only one doctor in the area, who had treated a similar case from Omaha, NE, took on Adrien’s case along with a local doctor in Des Moines. Both doctors have been collaborating on his treatment. Following the initial diagnosis, further imaging revealed the cancer had spread to his back, necessitating another surgery. In January 2024, Adrien underwent a 5-hour surgery performed by an experienced surgeon in Omaha, NE. The procedure involved a significant incision from his sternum to below his belly button and required a 4-week recovery period. Given the aggressive nature of the cancer, an intensive chemotherapy regimen was initiated. Over the next four months Adrien alternated between receiving chemotherapy in Des Moines (one day each session) and in Omaha (requiring a 5-day hospital stay each session). This rigorous treatment cycle continued for four months. Adrien faced significant health challenges during his treatment. Between the first and second rounds of chemotherapy, he developed diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and an infection. Surgery was not an option due to his recent operation, so antibiotics were administered. After a week-long battle, the infection was brought under control and eventually eradicated.
Throughout this period, Adrien has been unable to work and ineligible for FMLA, as he had just started with a new company a few months prior to his diagnosis. He continued to pay for his company insurance out of his pocket each month, opting not to switch to state insurance to pay for his current doctors. This financial burden is compounded by medical bills from two states, extended hospital stays, and the overall cost of living, significantly impacting him emotionally and financially. To alleviate some of these financial burdens, Adrien’s family has organized a plate benefit event. Each plate sold will directly contribute to Adrien’s medical expenses and support his journey toward recovery.
How You Can Help:
Buy a Plate: Enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends.
If you can’t attend, consider donating to support Adrien’s cause.
Plate of BBQ Chicken, Sausage, Rice and Beans for $10.00
Pre sell tickets available, call (830) 521-0071
Location VFW, 211 W. College Ave, Devine TX
June 29th, 2024 from 11:am to 3:pm
Together we can make a difference
Thank You for your Support