Where she goes, kitty goes

I found 3 snakes in my yard over 2 days last week. Sure, two of them looked like the harmless kind, it’s still three too many to me!
Of course, every time I tell my husband or brother about the snakes I found, they ask “well what kind were they, harmless garter snakes?”
My response to them…Two of those snakes I found last week were literally sitting on my “welcome” rug as I stepped out of the house, and they both just about gave me a heart attack, so they are far from harmless!
While I was trying to find the second one that slithered underneath my feet on my back doorstep, I found a third brightly colored snake, which really scared the snake out of me. I was so scared that one might be a coral snake that I didn’t even try to drag my husband out of bed, I ran straight to the front yard to get our shovel, but I never did find that one either by the time I got back to the backyard.
When I asked the pest control guy what’s the best way to get rid of snakes, he said “Cats” are actually one of the best ways to keep the snakes away….especially if you have kiddos or other pets like goats that will eat anything! I can’t use poison–that’s for sure.
So I went out in search of some new cats the morning after I found that third snake! I found someone giving a mama cat and kitties away, but I made the mistake of waiting ’til after school to take my daughter with me, so I didn’t exactly get the killer cat I found searching for. Of course A’Dell just had to have the smallest, weakest run kitty of the bunch, which lets her hold it “like a baby” in her arms.
It is truly adorable though, and she’s had a blast with it. That little kitty thinks it’s a puppy dog, and chases A’Dell around the yard and up the tree; everywhere she goes….kitty goes.
I haven’t found any more snakes on my front porch, where the kitty lives, so maybe she’s at least big enough to scare them off, even if she can’t catch them yet. Of course, she desperately wants to come inside and so she’s waiting there at the front door every morning, and we have a hard time keeping her out. I’ll tell you one thing though–I’ll take a sweet little kitty over a slithery snake on my front door step any day!