Where can you get a COVID test right now? New program will mail four tests to you

The highly contagious Omicron variant continues this past week to find every host it possibly can. Active COVID-19 case report from last Thursday, Jan.14th for Medina County was 669. As a reminder, current data does not include home tests and with a large number of positives across Texas, data collection will be behind and numbers certainly much higher than what is getting reported.
Where can you get tested or how can you get a test? Right now, over-the-counter tests are still in short supply. You can check with local pharmacies, HEB, or Walmart. Some require you to go online and sign up for one. Starting Jan. 15th, you should be able to get reimbursed partially or fully for a COVID-19 test. You can check with your local doctor to see if they are testing.
Beginning Jan 18th a new Federal testing drive-through site will open at the Alamodome in SA and will run until Feb. 4th with a few exceptions of scheduled events. Appointments are required and you can register at doineedacovid19test.com or call 800-635-8611. This site will be open seven days a week from 7 am-5 pm.
Beginning Jan. 19th another federal program will be available where you can order/request up to 4 home tests to be delivered to your residence and expected to ship within 7-10 days of your order. Sign up for this program at covidtests.gov.
Uvalde also has a walk-up site that you can register at book.curative.com. This site does PCR testing, so you won’t get instant results but PCR testing is a confirmatory test and some people need that to verify an antigen test. Many options are available in San Antonio and here is the City of San Antonio website: https://covid19.sanantonio.gov/What-YOU-Can-Do/Testing
Vaccines: The Medina County Health Unit has COVID-19 vaccines for anyone age 5 and up. You can register at vaccine.medinatx.org or call the Health Unit at 830-741-6191 for help registering or if you need a different time. We do COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Castroville and Devine as well as at our Hondo office. If you have an organization or group that wants to get vaccinated or have a booster clinic, we can arrange to come to you. Also, if you know someone who is homebound we are available to make home visits. Getting vaccinated is the number one way to avoid severe illness from COVID-19. So come and see us!

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What can you do to avoid getting sick? This is a tough one right now. Get vaccinated, it may not prevent you from getting COVID right now but it can protect you from severe illness. Wear a mask in crowded areas, CDC now recommends a surgical mask or N95 mask since cloth masks offer little protection against Omicron. Avoid large crowds in general right now, especially if you are at high risk or are part of a vulnerable group. Stay away from others that are sick.
On a positive note, if you are not sick or exposed to COVID-19, donate blood. We can feel helpless in these difficult times that feel like they will never end. We have a major shortage of blood right now and you can help. January is national blood donor month, save a life and donate blood today.
VACCINE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 1/10/2022
People that are fully vaccinated age 5 and older:
Medina County 55.35%
Texas 61.93%
CASE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 1/10/2022
Confirmed Cases: 5,865
Probable Cases: 2,179
Fatalities: 175 (+1 since last week)
Active Cases: 669 on 1/13 (+258 since last week)
Recovered: 7,013
By Patricia Mechler
Medina County Health Unit