We’ve Got This!

Our four days at the beach, was sure easy on the eyes. We went to a new place this year, and it turned out to be very nice. At the end of the board walk, there was a massive but beautiful little hill of sand to go over to get to the beach. Or as Tucker called it, “sand mountain”.
I braved the mountain on almost every walk to the beach, but pretty much everyone else preferred taking the golf cart on the little nice and flat side street. That sandy hill is definitely a thigh burner, but it was so picturesque at the top. It looked just like a calendar.
I love the beach, through and through. I could literally sit there and watch the waves roll in all day long (if and when I am not trying to keep up with my busy toddler Tucky man). Relaxing is not in his nature. While at the beach, he approached every pretty girl he saw, bringing an offering of beach toys to share and make friends. It was too funny.
On one of our last evenings at the beach though, my daughter went down there, just us two, and we set up our beach loungers on the second sand bar when it was real shallow in the evening. And we just sat there for hours, watching the waves crash against our feet. It was simply the best.
The day before that, Tucker and I had gone down to the beach by ourselves, and we had a different kind of good time. There wasn’t much lounging involved, but actually got to see a fisherman reel in a shark. Everyone on the beach ran and surrounded him to see it. After a few minutes, he took it back out to sea. What a feeling it was to watch him walk back out into the water and release sharkey around the second sand bar! The girls weren’t with us, which I was thanking God for, but don’t worry, Tucker made sure to tell them all!
Grandma caught a whole herd of hermit crabs for the kids to play with. They got caught and released many times before they made their way back to the sea. Tucker and Audrey loved them.
I would say that Tucker got the biggest kick of all out of the quick and shifty sand crabs running around the beach at night. We went “crabbing” after dark with our herd of kids and armory of flashlights. My little sister Pauline with a sock on her hand became the crab picker-upper. Oh how those kids screamed every time one of those crabs scurried a little too close to their toes. I’m convinced Tucker has got a lot more octaves than the rest of us in his screamer. Tucker is kind of like a puppy, he loves to chase things. It is his greatest thrill.
I even got a concert from my daddy and husband on our last night in paradise, with the sound of the waves in the background. It was too perfect.
Shortly before we left Sunday morning, something really special happened on that old “sand mountain”. Sticking up out of the sand, I found a little post it note, half buried in the sand. On it, in big bold letters were the words “We’ve got this!”
For the past year, these words have become a motto for our whole family, beginning the day our sweet little Audrey girl was diagnosed with a horrible disease called A-T. On that day, her family cried all around her, but she kept smiling, singing and dancing, letting her little light shine like she always has. Instead of crying, little Audrey looked up at her teary-eyed grandmother and said “We’ve got this!” while giving her a thumbs up. So that saying is engraved on all our bumper stickers, t-shirts, and most deeply, on our hearts. To find it coming up that big steep hill was really something else.
I couldn’t wait to hand that little piece of paper to my sister when I got back up to the house. It brought her a needed smile, and I agreed wholeheartedly when she said, “I think God is trying to tell us something.”