“We will rebuild”
Large fire displaces close to a dozen people, help needed

A large fire completely destroyed one apartment, but displaced all of them including around 10-15 people, according to Chief Richey Priest.
Lytle Fire was paged to Lynda’s Island apartments on Main Street around 6:06 PM that evening, and remained on scene for several hours doing everything they could.
They were assisted by area departments including Natalia Volunteer Fire. Chief Priest noted that Red Cross came to the aide of residents who were displaced.

Mrs. Parson said they could also use a cooler to put ice in as they rebuild, and most of all, help from electricians.
“There is no housing available that is affordable, so we all choose to stay here and rebuild,” Mrs. Parson said.
If you would like to volunteer to help or make a donation, contact:
Lynda Parson
*Mailing address:
PO Box 493
Lytle Tx 7805