Warhorses run circles around District competition, claim title

Varsity Warhorse Dillon Ricord won the 100M Dash with a time of 11.09. Check out more pictures in our online store!

The major headline for Head Track Coordinator Lynn Cozby’s Warhorse track team’s Devine News articles have been more and more challenging as meets go by. The Warhorses have now won each of the 7 invitationals participated in this season after claiming the District 29-4A Championship by 41 points over second place Carrizo Springs, 183 to 142. There’s only so many ways to write “win” or “dominated” without sounding too repetitive.
Repetitive, however, is the perfect word to describe Coach Cozby’s track success. He has been the lead man in 21 District Championships in the past 23 seasons; 20 of those for the Warhorses and #21 occurring with the Arabians win this past week.
“First of all, the boys won every meet entered this season,” stated Cozby. “We have 12 that qualified for Area as a result of winning district.” Combine those 12 Warhorses with the 17 that the Arabians are sending makes 29 total track members making the short trip to Poteet on April 19th. No other team in district can stake that claim.
The schedule for that meet as well as a more detailed account of Coach Cozby’s history with the Devine Track program will be in next week’s Devine News.
Crystal City’s team finished a distant 3rd place with 110 points, followed by 4th place Pearsall’s 95 and 5th place Lytle’s 80 points.
Top 4 advance to the Area Meet to be held in Poteet on Wednesday, April 19. Devine athletes are italicized. 100m Dash:1st-Dillon Ricord-Devine-11.09, 2nd-Sanchez-Crystal City-11.22, 3rd-Hernandez-Carrizo Springs-11.26, 4th-Patino-Crystal City-11.70, 5th-Isaiah Oropeza-Devine-11.90 200m Dash: 1st-Ricord-Devine-22.29, 2nd-Hernandez-Carrizo-23.24, 3rd-Ruiz-Crystal-23.71, 4th- Sambrano-Pearsall-23.93, 5th-Oropeza-Devine-23.94 400m Dash: 1st-Anzula-Pearsall-51.64, 2nd-Cardenas-Carrizo-53.00, 3rd-Guevera-Crystal-53.55, 4th-Mercado-Crystal-54.05, 6th-Darren Morales-Devine-54.30 800m Run: 1st-Hernandez-Lytle-2:02.28, 2nd-Cardenas-2:02.89, 3rd-Magana-Crystal-2:04.81, 4th-Sekula-Lytle-2:05.12, 5th-Morales-Devine-2:06.86, 6th-Colin Rogers-Devine-2:10.06 1600m Run: 1st-Gallegos-Carrizo-4:22.32, 2nd-Gomez-Lytle-4:36.75, 3rd-Cardenas-Carrizo-4:41.25, 4th-Hernandez-Lytle-4:42.17 3200m Run: 1st-Gallegos-Carrizo-10:21.64, 2nd-Robles-Pearsall-10:30.81, 3rd-Gomez-Lytle-10:41.87, 4th-Magana-Crystal-10:42.83 110m Hurdles: 1st-Trent Laughlin-Devine-15.38, 2nd-Guido Zapata-Devine-16.26, 3rd-Velasquez-Carrizo-16.86, 4th-Brady Harrell-Devine-17.03 300m Hurdles: 1st-Laughlin-Devine-41.51, 2nd-Rivera-Cyrstal-41.91, 3rd-Heraldo-Pearsall-42.47, 4th-Zapata-Devine-42.52 4x100m Relay: 1st-Crystal-44.70, 2nd-Carrizo-44.92, 3rd-Lytle-45.04, 4th-Devine-King Cantero, Grant Collins, Zapata, Butters Hernandez-45.40 4x200m Relay: 1st-Devine-Collins, Hernandez, Luke Torres, Ricord-1:31.98, 2nd-Lytle-1:34.33, 3rd-Pearsall-1:35.70, 4th-Carrizo-1:36.11 4x400m Relay: 1st-Pearsall-3:31.48, 2nd-Devine-Laughlin, Torres, Hernandez, Collins-3:33.14, 3rd-Crystal-3:34.95, 4th-Lytle-3:35.30 Long Jump: 1st-Ricord-Devine-20’1 ¼”, 2nd-Mercado-Crystal-19’11 ½”, 3rd-Vincente-Pearsall-19’6 ¼”, 4th-Jobe-Carrizo-19’3”, 5th-King Cantero-Devine-18’9” Shot Put: 1st-Jack Zimmerle-Devine-51’9”, 2nd-Sherrick-Carrizo-46’9 ½”, 3rd-Corben Boggs-Devine-44’11”, 4th-Tristin Ortiz-Devine-43’10 ½” Discus: 1st-Zimmerle-Devine-140’1”, 2nd-Boggs-Devine-125’9”, 3rd-Martinez-Carrizo-121’11”, 4th-Lange-Lytle-118’1” Triple Jump: 1st-Ricord-Devine-40’3 ½”, 2nd-Embry-Pearsall-40’1”, 3rd-Smith-Carrizo-38’5 ¼”, 4th-Velasquez-Carrizo-38’5 ¼” High Jump: 1st-Rivera-Crystal-5’10”, 2nd-Mercado-Crystal-5’9”, 3rd-Navarro-Pearsall-5’9”, 4th-Sekula-Lytle-5’6” Pole Vault: 1st-Velasquez-Carrizo-11’6”, 2nd-Javi Torres-Devine-11’0”, 3rd-Balderas-Carrizo-10’6”, 4th-Matt Ornelas-Devine-10’0”.
Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer