Warhorses claim home track championship

Warhorse Jack Zimmerle prepares to launch a shot put. Check out more photos in our gallery!

Cha-Ching is a sound commonly termed when someone is about to roll in some money. The Cha-Ching sound that was resonating throughout Warhorse Stadium last Saturday evening around 7:00 pm was the sound of Coach Lynn Cozby’s Warhorse track team racking up yet another team championship, its 5th in 5 meets this season. Devine’s 151 total points more than doubled 2nd place finisher C.C. Winn’s 74 points and 3rd place Uvalde’s 70 points.
“We are competing our tails off right now,” stated Cozby. “Our kids have bought in to our workouts and are improving every day. This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding what we are capable of accomplishing.”
Remaining point totals: Pearsall-68, Carrizo Springs-62, Somerset-55, Poteet-37, Lytle-29, Crystal City-28, Pleasanton-12, Cotulla-6.
Event Results:4x100m Relay-Butters Hernandez, Grant Collins, Guido Zapata, King Cantero-5th-45.26 110m Hurdles-Trent Laughlin-2nd-15.97, Zapata-3rd-16.21 100m-Dillon Ricord-1st-10.97 4x200m Relay-Isaiah Oropeza, Hernandez, Luke Torres, Ricord-1st-1:31 300m Hurdles-Laughlin-1st-41.31, Zapata-4th-42.81, Brady Harrell-6th-43.74 200m-Ricord-1st-22.34 1600m Relay-Collins, Hernandez, Torres, Laughlin-2nd-3:32 Long Jump-Ricord-1st-21’2”, Cantero-3rd-19’6” Triple Jump-Ricord-2nd-41’6 ½” High Jump-Cantero-3rd-5’8”Shot Put-Jack Zimmerle-1st-52’2 ½”, Corben Boggs-2nd-45’1” Discus-Zimmerle-2nd-146’3 ½”, Boggs-3rd-134’4” Pole Vault-Javi Torres-6th-10’6”.
JV Boys Team Results: 1st-Uvalde-167, 2nd-Lytle-98, 3rd-Crystal City-90, 4th-C.C. Winn-68, 5th-Devine-57. 64x100m Relay-Sebastian Lopez, Juan Sic, Deme Monreal, Phillip Ramos-5th-47.91 400m-Jace Hackebeil-1st-57.01, Donovan Camacho-3rd-57.26 200m-Hackebeil-6th-25.54
1600m Relay-Camacho, Roy Gutierrez, Monreal, Hackebeil-2nd-3:53 Long Jump-Brady Cardenas-5th-17’6 ¼” Triple Jump-Eddie Ortiz-6th-34’2” High Jump-Cardenas, Tristin Cruz-4th(Tie)-5’4” Shot Put-Quinton Schott-5th-36’6”, Tanner Hardcastle-6th-35’11” Discus-Nathan Quick-3rd-101’9” Pole Vault-Nolan O’Neal-4th-9’0”.
The Warhorses travel to Somerset on Thursday, March 30th for their last meet before district competition which is in Devine on April 5th and 6th.

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer