Warhorse golf completes back-to-back State tournament appearances

Hopes of finishing in the top 6 going into the State tournament in Marble Falls at Apple Rock Golf Club quickly faded as the team struggled to consistently hit quality shots on the first day of the two-day tournament. With two seniors and one underclassman returning to the tournament for the second year in a row, the goal to finish among the top teams was not unrealistic.
“I think we tried a little too hard actually,” stated Head Coach PJ Wells. “The course was difficult but after they played their practice round on Saturday and played it well I may add, I thought our chances to shoot around a 340 or better was within our capabilities.”
Senior Carson Tilley led in scoring for the Warhorses with a two-day 165 that placed him in the top half of all competitors at 29th place. Junior Noah Tumbarello (185), senior Brice Champion (196), junior Brandon Flues (198), and senior Kyler Brown (202) combined for a team score of 740 that positioned the Warhorses in 11th place overall.
Team results: 1st-Monahans (306/309-615), 2nd-Argyle (317/309-626), 3rd-Bullard (323/316-639), 4th-Texarkana Pleasant Grove (339/313-672), 5th-Andrews (343/329-672), 6th-Madisonville (349/335-684), 7th-Perryton (344/342-686), 8th-Fredericksburg (352/339-691), 9th-La Grange (367/334-701), 10th-Gatesville (361/341-702), 11th-Devine (367/373-740), 12th-El Campo (385/367-752).
Individual top 5: 1st-Sam Bennett-Madisonville (70/72-142), 2nd-Joey Kirk-Monahans (73/73-146), 3rd-Jeryn Pruitt-Brownwood (71/76-147), 4th-Logan Diomede-Argyle (77/72-149), 5th-JT Pittman-Monahans (73/79-152).
Warhorses: 29th-Tilley (85/80-165), 58th-Tumbarello (91/94-185), 65th-Champion (95/101-196), 67th-Flues (100/98-198), 69th-Brown (96/106-202).
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer