Warhorse Band honors students at Band Banquet

Band Director Jeff Miller, left, presents Austin Peterson with the John Philip Sousa Award. For more photos, see the May 30 edition of The Devine News.

The Devine Warhorse Band hosted their annual band banquet on Saturday, May 12 with awards, a meal and a dance at Ric’s to celebrate their accomplishments this school year.
Mr. Miller-Director’s Awards
Outstanding Service Award: Amy Bailey, Courtney Bryant, Jacob Capetillo, Garrett Fritz, Tanner Hardcastle, Seth Maldonado, and Veronica Silva.
Outstanding Freshman Award: Madilynne Mohr
Outstanding Sophomore Award: Clarissa Maldonado
Outstanding Junior Award:
Alyssa Rodriguez
Christian Osorio
Tanner Hardcastle
Outstanding Senior Award: Seth Maldonado
National School Marching Award: Emily Kohlleppel
Director’s Award: Josephine Taitano
Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award: Amy Robinson
Gordon Schultz Outstanding Leadership Award: Lindsey Spannagel
John Philip Sousa Award: Austin Peterson

These are the students who received scholarships from the Band Boosters:
Taylor DuBose:  for an award of $250
 Trinity Woods:  for an award of $250!
Seth Maldonado:  for an award of $500!
 Emily Kohlleppel:  for an award of $1,000!
The Director’s awarded the 2017-2018 Gordon Schultz Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 to Lindsey Spannagel.
“It was a GREAT Banquet!  Very well attended by members, and there were a high number of parents and guests,” said Jeff Miller, DHS Director of Bands. “ I always look forward to our banquet every year.  Our Band Boosters always provide a great meal and work hard to set decorations.  The kids are able to celebrate, be recognized for all their hard work, and then just have fun at the dance that caps off the event!”

Band Council Awards
Band Council Awards were presented by Lindsey Spannagel & Seth Maldonado. These are the “funny” awards which are decided by the students, they vote by ballot prior to the banquet.
‘Ouch’ Award: Courtney Bryant
LOL Award: Veronica Silva
Two Left Feet Award: Roberto Alvarado
Always LT Award : Joseph Guajardo
Best Style Award : Kiana Monreal
Has Been Award : Seth Maldonado
Most Yelled At Award: Jorge Holguin – and ALL the Baritones
Best Catch Award : Peter Valerio
Sweetest Member Award: Dulce Rodriguez
Most Valuable Leader Award : Lindsey Spannagel

2018-2019 Officer Introductions
Band Officers for 2018-2019! President: Tanner Hardcastle
Secretary: Charlize Benavidez
Historian: Taylor Holmon
Librarians: Anahii Ramirez & Peter Valerio
Quarter Masters: Veronica Silva – Head Uniform; Tanner Hardcastle – Head Loading; Crew: Amy Bailey, Josette Villanueva, Isabella Elias, Garrett Fritz, Peter Valerio, Jonathan Silva – Crew Members

Section Leaders for 2018-2019!
Flute: Josephine Taitano / Abby Kohlleppel
Clarinet: Madilynne Mohr / Isabel Osorio
Saxophone: Chris Salazar
Horn: Christian Osorio
Trumpet: Anahii Ramirez/ Jacob Barron
Trombone: Chris Esquibel
Baritone: Isabella Elias
Tuba: Tanner Hardcastle
Drumline: Andrea Sanchez
Front Ensemble: Pauline Calame

Drum Majors for 2018-2019!
Clarissa Maldonado, Head Drum Major
Laurel Spannagel, Assistant Drum Major

Color Guard Officers 2018-2019!
Alyssa Rodriguez, Captain
Charlize Benavidez, 1st Lieutenent

Senior Class of 2018 honored 

Josephine Taitano was presented with the Director’s Award. For more photos, see the May 30 edition of The Devine News.

All Region Band:
Josephine Taitano, Flute, 2nd Chair Symphonic Band **AREA**
Amy Robinson, Bassoon, 2nd Chair Symphonic Band **AREA**
Christian Osorio, Horn, 5th Chair Symphonic Band
Madilynne Mohr, Clarinet, 6th Chair Concert Band
Tanner Hardcastle, Tuba, 5th Chair Concert Band
Austin Peterson, Percussion, 7th Chair Concert Band

UIL Solo & Ensemble:
Gilbert Iglesis, 1st Division, Class Three Trombone Solo
Madilynne Mohr, 1st Division, Class Two Clarinet Solo
Austin Peterson, 1st Division, Class One Snare Solo – Advance to STATE!
Amy Robinson, 1st Division, Class One Bassoon Solo – Advance to STATE
Trinity Woods/ Charlize Benavidez/Laurel Spannagel,
1st Division, Class One Flute Trio – Advance to State!

Concert Band:
Both the Concert Band & Symphonic Winds were evaluated at the Pirateland Festival and received an “Excellent” overall rating, and the Symphonic Band received an overall Excellent Rating at UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest! Congratulations to both bands!!

Marching Band:
Hill Country Marching Festival, September 30th – Earned Straight Ones from all (3) judges! 3rd Place Overall 4A Band!!
Harlandale Marching Contest October 7th – Earned A Division One!! Won 3rd Place Overall 4A Band!! Color Guard Won Overall Caption!!
UIL Region Marching Contest October 14th – “The Samurai & the Maiden” –“Superior” First Division – Straight Ones from all (3) judges!!