Warhorse & Arabian track dominate Daetwyler Relays in Jourdanton

Devine High School track teams captured team championships in Jourdanton at the Daetwyler Relays March 4th. The Warhorses placed first with 205 points while the Arabians registered a whopping 250 points in their championship performance.
“The athletes keep getting better and better and it is because they put in good work during the week,” said Head Coach Lon Cozby. “All the kids want to perform well at the meet and are willing to work hard to ensure success when it matters the most.”
Gold medal winners for the varsity Horses included Buddy Santos, Brady Hackebeil, Christian Gerlach, Xsavior Martinez, Hayden DuBose, Aaron Saenz, John Schnautz, Evan Priest, Zachary Alvarez, and Jacob Featherly.
Gold medal winners for the varsity Arabians were Neenah Guerrero, Avery Cruz, Megan Runyan, Chasity Reyes, Kristina Morales, Mckyenzie Flores, Rylee Esquibel, and Brianna Bowyer.
In the JV boy’s division, the Warhorses took top honors as a team by amassing 172 points to edge out second place Jourdanton who had 146.
Gold medal winners for the JV Horses were Nate Ramirez, Kaiveri Alvarez, Luciano Rodriguez, Seth DeLeon, Christopher Sanidad, Marcus Espinosa, Xavier Contreras, and Caden Hanson.
In the JV girl’s division, the Arabians placed third overall with 94 points.
JV Arabian gold medal winners were Makayla Rivera, Camryn Darby, Makayla Schnautz, and Kate Featherly.
Varsity boy team rankings
1st Devine 205, 2nd Natalia 158, 3rd Hondo 144, 4th Jourdanton 59.
4x100m Relay—1st Buddy Santos, Brady Hackebeil, Christian Gerlach, Xsavior Martinez 44:03 4x200m Relay—1st Hayden DuBose, Hackebeil, Gerlach, Martinez 1:34.22 4x400m Relay—2nd Gerlach, Hackebeil, B. Santos, Martinez 3:40.07 100m Dash—2nd B. Santos 11.81, 4th DuBose 12.01, 6th Gabriel Esquibel 12.35 200m Dash—1st DuBose 24.20, 5th Enrique Midobuche 25.72, 6th Ethan Santos 25.34 400m Dash—4th Isaiah Morin 56.86, 5th Midobuche 58.20, 6th Chris Ortiz 1:00.34 800m Run—4th Morin 2:16.52, 6th Ortiz 2:18.26 1600m Run—3rd Xavier Garza 4:56.52, 6th Morin 5:25.74, 8th Thomas Mendoza 12:18.34 110m Hurdles—1st Aaron Saenz 16.46 300m Hurdles—3rd Saenz 45.22 Long Jump—3rd Midobuche 18’10”, 6th Esquibel 16’9¼”, 7th Mason Burford 16’8” Shot Put—1st John Schnautz 39’1”, 2nd Geoffrey Seal 38’1½”, 3rd Gerlach 37’3½” Discus—1st Evan Priest 125’5¼”, 4th Aiden Zapata 108’1” Triple Jump—2nd Midobuche 37’10”, 3rd Saenz 37’2¼”, 4th E. Santos 37’1¾” High Jump—3rd B. Santos 5’4”, 6th Burford 4’4” Pole Vault—Tie 1st Zachary Alvarez & Jacob Featherly 13’0”.
Varsity girl team rankings
1st Devine 250, 2nd Hondo 116, 3rd Jourdanton 101, 4th Natalia 27.
4x100m Relay—1st Neenah Guerrero, Avery Cruz, Megan Runyan, Chasity Reyes 52.67 4x200m Relay—1st Runyan, Cruz, Guerrero, Kristina Morales 1:53.61 4x400m Relay—1st Mckyenzie Flores, Runyan, Rylee Esquibel, Morales 4:36.93 100m Dash—1st Morales 13.29, 2nd Reyes 13.89 200m Dash—1st Guerrero 27.54, 2nd Cruz 28.30 400m Dash—2nd Flores 1:08.60, 3rd Esquibel 1:08.91, 4th Angelina Rios 1:09.23 1600m Run—1st Brianna Bowyer 5:49.72 100m Hurdles—2nd Bailey Oropeza 18.18, 3rd Kennedy Duncan 18.42, 4th Darian Alvarez 19.01 300m Hurdles—2nd Duncan 53.42, 3rd Oropeza 54.58, 4th Alvarez 57.47 Long Jump—1st Morales 15’7¼”, 2nd Reyes 15’6¾”, 3rd Guerrero 15’6” Shot Put—3rd Brooke Schott 29’5¼”, 7th Maddison Pike 25’2”, 10th Viviana Torres 20’10½” Discus—3rd Analea Brooks 99’7”, 4th Schott 90’7½” Triple Jump—1st Cruz 32’8”, 2nd Guerrero 31’4”, 3rd Mackenzie Schneider 31’1” High Jump—2nd Esquibel 4’6”, 3rd (Tie) Oropeza & Reyes 4’2”, Pole Vault—2nd Bowyer 9’0”.
JV boy team rankings
1st Devine 172, 2nd Jourdanton 146, 3rd Hondo 137, 4th Natalia 102
JV Warhorses
4x100m Relay—2nd Marcus Rodriguez, Seth DeLeon, Elijah Sanchez, Wyatt Spivey 49.164x200m Relay—2nd M. Rodriguez, DeLeon, Sanchez, Spivey 1:44.06 4x400m Relay—1st Nate Ramirez, Kaiveri Alvarez, Luciano Rodriguez, DeLeon 3:48.10 100m Dash—3rd Chris Sanidad 12.25, 5th Jason Sanidad 12.53, 6th Gus Puente 12.64 200m Dash—1st C. Sanidad 24.89, 2nd J. Sanidad 25.30, 12th Jordan Rodriguez 28.31 400m Dash—5th K. Alvarez 1:00.22, 10th L. Rodriguez 1:02.42, 11th Ramirez 1:03.67 800m Run—3rd Jesse House 2:29.48, 4th Stephan Culver 2:31.72 1600m Run—1st Marcus Espinosa 5:37.26, 5th Culver 6:03.25, 6th Jaiden Alvarez 6:06.36 3200m Run—3rd Espinosa 12:40, 4th House 12:52, 5th J. Alvarez 12:54 Long Jump—1st Xavier Contreras 17’4½”, 5th E. Sanchez15’2”, 7th Ramirez 14’6½” Shot Put—8th Brody Radicke 29’3½”, 9th Jacob Delaney 28’10½”, 10th George Saenz 26’3” Discus—3rd Delany 87’0½”, 4th Saenz 82’3¾”, 8th Radicke 60’2¾” Triple Jump—2nd L. Rodriguez 33’10”, 3rd E. Sanchez 31’1” High Jump—1st Caden Hanson 5’4” Pole Vault—3rd Juan David Rendon 7’6”, 4th Eric Guerra 7’0”.
JV girl team rankings
1st Hondo 198, 2nd Jourdanton 115, 3rd Devine 94, 4th Natalia 20.
JV Arabians
4x100m Relay—3rd Kate Featherly, Kaylee Romano, Jackie Schreck, Camryn Darby (N/A), 4x200m Relay—2nd Featherly, Schreck, Leslie Manzanares, Darby 2:05.55 100m Dash—1st Makayla Rivera 14.31, 2nd Romano 14.53, 4th Brynlea Byrd 14.95 200m Dash—1st Darby 30.01, 5th Schreck 31.97, 8th Missy Salazar 33.61 400m Dash—6th Hunter Moss 1:28.56 100m Hurdles—1st Featherly 19.72 Long Jump—2nd Makayla Rivera 12’8” Shot Put—1st Mackayla Schnautz 25’9”, 5th Ainsley Buvinghausen 21’3” Discus—5th Buvinghausen 58’1”, 6th Schnautz 56’11½” Triple Jump—1st Featherly 29’2”.
Up next
All four teams travel to Hondo during Spring Break to run on Thursday, March 11.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer