Warhorse and Arabian Cross Country open season in Gonzales

Devine’s Warhorse and Arabian Cross Country teams travel to Gonzales for the 7th Annual Apache Relays Saturday, August 18 at Independence Park. While not a traditional cross-country styled invitational, the Apache Relays provides both fun and competition to kick off the 2018 campaign.
“The athletes continue to impress me with their dedication, desire and determination,” Head Coach Khera Vay stated. “This week we focused on a little bit of pace work with a few repeat workouts. We also enjoyed some long runs on the Devine golf course, which will be the site of the 2018 invitational meet.
We had an incredible time doing yoga with Devine’s own, Teri Hudson, who so graciously volunteered her time to give us a nice stretch and abdominal-focused yoga workout and finished out the week with a long run to Natalia to bond over breakfast. As the kids start showing up each morning at practice, I have a great feeling of knowing this is going to be a special year. Aside from being competitive runners, they are a great group to work with and I am looking forward to their individual and team growth over the season. This week we will start to focus on meet preparation and continue building towards our short and long-term goals.”
Apache Relay rolling schedule
Start time is 8:45am. VG 3x1mile repeats=6 miles per team; VB 3×1 mile repeats=6 miles per team; JVG 3×1 mile=3 miles per team; JVB 3×1 mile=3 miles per team.
How it works
Each team consists of 3 team members. Runners in the JV Divisions will run one mile each and will not repeat for a total of 3 miles per team. Runners in the Varsity Divisions will run a repeat relay, meaning each runner will run 2 miles total, one mile at a time, for a total distance of 6 miles per team. Each team will have a relay baton or something that represents a baton.
Directions to Independence Park
Take I10 towards Houston then turn south on Highway 183 (Exit 632 towards Cuero and Gonzales). Travel approximately 18 miles on Hwy 183 to Water St. If you reach St. John St., you’ve gone too far. Travel time is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. Google Maps works well too.
La Pasadita
Saturday, the team members ran from Devine’s Warhorse Stadium to La Pasadita Restaurant in Natalia, approximately 5 ½ miles. While most would scoff at that kind of workout, these athletes did not blink twice about the day’s activity. It simply came down to the teams’ motto of “Mind Over Matter”.
Coach Vay, Coach Beaty, and all the runners give a huge shout out to the staff at La Pasadita. The food was great, second only to the staff’s patience and to the team bonding going on while sharing the outstanding breakfast served last Saturday morning.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer