Two arrests

This past week officers handled 37 calls for service and made 47 traffic stops. Of the 47 people stopped 22 ended up with citations and 25 received either a verbal or written warning. I would say your odds were better than 50% that if you got stopped you wouldn’t get a ticket but that’s not the case, it most likely depends on the offense. I would say you are more likely to get a warning for not having your headlights on than say speeding down Main St.
Property crimes reported this last week consisted of a business reporting about $300 cash missing from a safe and a Main St. resident reported that a push mower valued at $150 was taken from their front porch.
We took a couple people to jail, including a female wanted out of New Mexico for passing bad checks. She was stopped for a traffic violation and was determined that New Mexico wanted her and would come get her. She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. The other arrest makes our “crime of the week.” On Saturday officers were dispatched to HEB Plus for a report of a shoplifter, he had taken off with a basket full of groceries but didn’t get far. The basket was recovered and he was arrested a block or so away. His basket contained 60 items valued at $688.30! He said he “needed to eat.” Next time I see him I sure want to ask him how to prepare a Blu-ray disc as a tasty snack, with a side order of portable speakers.
Well I spent all last week in Huntsville, TX at mandated police chief training. I’m not accustomed to being in a classroom for 40 hours so it can be challenging. I stayed with my wife’s sister and her family in Onalaska and commuted daily. The flu ravaged my department while I was gone, luckily Lt. Dear stayed well enough to handle things for me. He was a big help as Capt. Reyes was out all week and Sgt. Hanson was out a couple days. One evening I felt the need to visit a popular hangout in Livingston, the urgent care. It was a lot of fun even though nobody really talked to me much. After that I was sent to the pharmacy, which was also a hugely popular place with lots of people hanging around. My condition, which was either bronchitis or a sinus infection, continued to improve as the week went on. I made it home safely and life is good.