Two arrests for the “strong stuff”

I’ll start with the boring stats and go from there. We had a total of 46 calls for service this past week and officers conducted 15 traffic stops. For those keeping score the breakdown was 9 citations and 6 warnings. I get some people tell me Lytle is a “speed trap.” Well if that was our goal it would appear to me that we are failing miserably.
It’s a pleasure to report that we only had one reported property crime this past week. Somebody dug up a city water meter and absconded with it. This occurred on Main St. just north of the city limits. It’s probably worth more as an antique than for scrap metal. Just another example that somewhere there is somebody that will steal anything.
We took a couple people to jail this past week, but luckily it was from the same incident so that saves time and gas. Lt. Dear was at the Days Inn for an unrelated call when the overpowering smell of burning marijuana hit him like a wall. After knocking on the door the occupants gave permission to search and some marijuana was located in the room and in one of the suspect’s car. I pulled up to assist and it was some “strong stuff,” the fellow in the adjoining room was even complaining, or at least he started complaining when we got there (he might have been enjoying in before that).The only other non-traffic cases filed was off a traffic stop where Lt. Dear cited a couple people for possession of drug paraphernalia.
It looks like my weekly reports might be increasing in size and frequency if these big developers hit town. One has plans in for 300+ homes and the latest one is looking at 700+ homes. Wow! That is scary and exciting at the same time. Why the sudden interest in Lytle? Perhaps after being exposed to my weekly reports it just seems natural to want to live here. Others would say it is the good schools and nice commute to San Antonio…….either way it looks like some substantial growth is on the way. I am looking forward to personally supporting any new restaurants that call Lytle home.