Tire disposal underway

Can’t fool the Mesquite trees. All the other stuff is bloomin and flowerin and all that, but the Mesquite ain’t…its just sitting and waiting on the time when its safe to come out. Just wait, it’ll be summer in a couple days.
HR Director came up with a good idea…seems we could avoid spending (most women would say SAVE) around $3,000 a year if we sent pay check stubs by e-mail. This will probly be implemented in the near future.
Commissioners Court recognized the Adopt-a-Highway groups around the County that gather and pick up trash along the State highways in an effort to keep our roadways clean and attractive to folks that pass through our area. Would be nice if we had groups that addressed the County roads in this manner and no, I don’t wanna head up the effort. Got a complaint the other day that the guys were picking up trash along a road in Lytle Ranch Acres and just stopped…well, that usually happens at the end of the day.
There will be a Public Hearing in the near future concerning Tax Abatements for a Solar farm located in the southeast corner of Medina County. This solar farm would increase the taxes collected on this property from $14,000 in a 10 year period to somewhere between $1.1 and $1.2 million over the same period. D’Hanis ISD is all for the addition to their tax rolls.
Discussion was had on creating a Countywide Emergency Service District Alliance that would focus on common goals, procedures and methods of operations common to all ESD’s within the County with representatives from each ESD in attendance at the meetings.
Had several concerns (I live with one of the sources) about the signage at CR 761 and SH 173 being difficult to read and locate at nighttime. While trying to address this by adjusting the angle of the road sign, found out that the State is going to put up CR 761 signs on SH 173. This oughta better mark the location of the County Road at night.
Tire pick up has begun and already have had several folks take advantage of the free disposal offer. We are accepting tires Monday-Thursday 8 AM – 4 PM at our yard on CR 5710 (Zig Zag) behind Rose Hill. If the need arises, we will man the site on Saturday. We ask that you call the office (665-8015) so that we can have someone there to assist you with unloading the tires.
Haven’t spoken with the Hudson folks that are working on 173 but, soon as I do I’ll relay the information. They still got their equipment at the old TxDOT yard and the job ain’t finished so, its prima facia evidence that they ain’t through.