Would you believe we only had one theft/property crime reported last week? It was for a shoplifter at H.E.B. Plus and it happened on Sunday evening. The guy walked out with two cases of beer. He didn’t get very far, Capt. Reyes stopped his vehicle just down the street. He was cited for theft and released.
That was 1 of the 54 total calls we had for the 7 day period that ended at midnight on Sunday. I guess everybody, including the thieves, was busy following all the elections and ensuing events. You know…..a crook says to a fellow crook: “let’s go steal a car,” other crook responds “no way, I’m watching the numbers to see what happens in Pennsylvania.”
Two traffic stops this past week resulted in arrests. Sgt. Hanson stopped a vehicle on Main St., one of the occupants had two active warrants. One felony drug warrant out of Bexar Co. and a Misdemeanor theft warrant out of Atascosa Co. Ofc. A. Lopez also stopped a vehicle on Main St. and took three to jail! A variety of charges included possession of meth, failure to ID, and possession of identifying information. One of the three had a warrant for theft out of Bexar Co. as well.
On the local level, we will have a new Mayor (Ruben Gonzalez) and a new Alderman (Charles Cate). I hope to build professional relationships with them based on trust and maybe me doing some yard work for them. I pledge to work with them and the entire council to make Lytle the best community ever, so that way it will match its Chief of Police.