Three arrests for shoplifting

A quick look at our activity this past week reveals that officers “handled” 52 service calls. Only 26 traffic stops were conducted and of those 21 received citations and 5 got off the hook with a warning.
It has been real hot and the heat just doesn’t hit us hard. Our four legged friends need protection too. This past week our officers responded to three calls for dogs left in vehicles that weren’t running. That doesn’t include one I was cancelled on and any activity that our Animal Control partners dealt with. These were all in the middle of the day, with heat blaring down full force. We aren’t looking to charge people for this but we do need to push out some education about the dangers of heat. So that’s my public service announcement this week.
We had three arrests this past week, all for shoplifting at H.E.B. In the first incident the suspect stole a chair and an inflatable swimming pool. He attempted to return them for cash. The value was less than $100 so he was cited and released. In incident #2 the fellow walks out with a window AC unit, a fancy Kitchen Aid mixer and a flashlight. He was detained by loss prevention. He had two prior convictions for theft so this one was a felony. On to #3 and yes, it was another AC unit from H.E.B. So when I suggest that the thieves should “cool it,” I guess they took it literally.
We had a few other property crimes that haven’t resulted in arrests and are still under investigation. The H.E.B. C-Store hadn’t had a “beer run” in a while but this last week we did have a “corn run.” Yes two bags of deer corn were taken; somewhere some deer is eating stolen corn and doesn’t even know it. H.E.B. Plus also reported a theft of 2 ladders and some groceries loaded into a shopping cart. We will be reviewing video and hopefully we can come up with something.
We had a felony theft committed at Riding High Customs on IH-35 (across from Lytle State Bank). A young guy in a white Chevy Suburban took custom wheels and tires off a vehicle and left it on blocks. We have some good video, maybe we can get the guy identified.
I enjoyed last Sunday evening working security for St. Andrew’s Church at their annual June Fest. As usual my name wasn’t called when the raffle tickets were drawn. It’s a big event and it went well, Ramon Ayala is a popular guy. It cost $20 to get a picture with him and there was a long line of people waiting. The last time anybody wanted a picture of me was when I renewed by driver’s license and I had to pay them.