Things and Stuff

Lost another local icon last week.  Bubba Hanson took off and left us without an electrician.  He did all the County work during the last 12 years.  Granted, it was on his schedule..had to always remember that there is Central Standard Time and there is Bubba Hanson time.  Believe it or not, he will be missed.  
Seems its Rodeo weather time and it has seemed to set in already.  Cold, wet and borderline miserable.  We did get a good start to 2023 last Tuesday when we got 7 tenths of an inch of rain.  Probly cause I washed my truck.  Nickie and Jason got 5 inches in Magnolia…traffic in front of their house was causing waves of water to wash into folks garages when they passed by.
Retirement is pretty good so far.  Forgot what day it was once…a week or so ago.  When I retired from SAPD in 2006, I said that I wasn’t gonna do nothing for a month…that lasted bout a week.  Took to trimming trees and stayed busy.  This time, I stuck to it…ain’t done nothing much beside trim a tree, build a picture frame and fix a cabinet door for Sandy.  Gonna get active in February.
Still getting calls from our new Commissioner but, they are few and far between now.  Think he’s got this under control.  Lotta good things happening out there.
Got a few ideas for your President…we can fix the Border by enforcing the laws ALREADY on the books.  Quit sending our Strategic Oil Reserve to Russia and elsewhere overseas.  Stop financing other countries with our tax dollars.  Keep our money here and there probly would not be a debt ceiling that needed raising.  If stopping pipelines sending oil to Russia will cripple their economy, why did he stop the ones in our country?  Quit blaming high gas and grocery prices on outside factors..take responsibility once in a while.  Watta maroon..please run in 2024…cheese and rice dude.  There are more but, KK ain’t gonna give me that much space.  
Please be sure and put the author of this column at the top cause I don’t wanna listen to Sammy Smith complain about not knowing who wrote it.  Keep praying for rain least until Medina Lake is full.  Didn’t see anything on the Medina County Agenda to comment on but, did not look at Devine City Council Agenda.  City folks need to get involved.