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Checked my rain records and found that we have gotten 12.7 inches of rain so far this year..on May 20, 2023 we had 12.7 inches of rain also.  So, I guess we are on schedule.  

I am gonna try to explain the Medina County Appraisal can of worms for those who are concerned about the new adjustments affecting ag exemptions, but it is going be as easy as dancing with an octopus.  
First, they operate independent from any other County Office and answer to no one within the County.  Not Commissioners Court, not the County Judge nor the Tax Assessor Collector.  
The Chief Appraiser, Johnette Dixon, answers to the MCAD Board of Directors consisting of…Chairwoman Cyndy Malone and members Cindy Segovia, Kyla Burrell, Jody Jacobs, Mamie Navarro and Tax Assessor Collector Melissa Lutz.  Melissa Lutz has no vote on the Board.  
This group is put in place (voted in) by the amount of tax levy produced by the taxing entity.  For example, Medina County has 1,507 votes, City of Devine 81 votes, Devine ISD 384 votes, City of Natalia 21 votes and Natalia ISD 264 votes.  There are a total of 5,000 votes available.  The top 5 vote getters are then appointed to the Board.  I tried to get on this Board last year but fell short of votes.
The MCAD Board of Directors prepares the Budget and are responsible for the hiring and firing of the Chief Appraiser.     
The MCAD Board of Directors is different from the Medina County Appraisal Review Board as they do not sit in on property appraisal protests.  The Appraisal Review Board handles the protests.
The Appraisal Review Board consists of Chairman Phil Pawlik, Secretary Joe Fohn, Vice Chairman Leroy Arnold and members Vivian Lee Davis and Blain Martin.  These Board Members are appointed by the Medina County District Judge, Danny Kindred.
I am sure that the new ag exemption mess was discussed for some time prior to last week.  I don’t think that they came up with that on Tuesday night before the paper came out on Wednesday.  Our representative, whoever that is, should have relayed the information to the general public affected by this change and if affected, should have been able to provide input or at least offered some sort of explanation as to why the change.
On another note, I have been seeing commercials where a particular Congressman cast the “DECIDING VOTE” on a particular piece of Legislation,  When the vote is 273 to 147, I do not see where the author gets the deciding vote designation.  To me, when the vote is tied and there is one vote left, that is the deciding vote.  Incidentally, the vote was Republicans 126 and Democrats 147 FOR the Legislation.  Don’t believe all the political ads…most all of them lack a few key details.

And…we have a Runoff Election going on now with Early Voting starting on 5-20.  A Congressman, couple County Commissioners and a Constable are needing our support.  Go Vote….after you pray for rain.