The vegetarian and the caveman

“Is that Skynard Lynard?” my daughter asks from the backseat, listening to the radio. Kids say and do the cutest things, and mine are no exception to that rule!
When it comes to Baby Tucker, he doesn’t talk much but he is full of funny antics. I let him play with the great American flashlight this morning and he was so amused.
First, he smells it….doesn’t smell that good, but he tastes it anyway, just to be sure. Doesn’t taste that good either, but it feels pretty good on his gums as he teethes. Then he holds it out in front of him with wide little eyes, admiring and examining this great flashlight from every angle–just the way a caveman would. After a while, he tries banging it up against the wall–but that didn’t help any. Then I walked him out into our dark hallway, and I think his mind was blown when he saw his flashlight shining around. His eyes got so big and he slowly took two steps back.
Baby Tucker never gets bored, he always finds something to get into, but Sissy on the other hand is at that age where she wants to be entertained with activities. My daughter got so bored this Saturday, she declared herself a “vegetarian” for a little while.
She was getting some carrots and ranch dressing out of the fridge when she announced boldly, “I am a vegetarian now mommy!”
She smiled and hopped across the kitchen floor carrying a bowl of carrots.
“Do you know why? I am a vegetarian because I’m a rabbit!” she said as she nibbled on a carrot in a rabbit-like fashion.
“I hate to tell you,” I said, “but vegetarians can’t eat steak.”
“Oh, well I can break the rules of vegetation sometimes,” she said quickly.
I figured if she was that bored I had better line up some entertainment, so in the next couple hours we drew pictures on the porch with sidewalk chalk, played volleyball, and played cards. Then I made her favorite sweet raspberry tea and a special treat to go with supper, cream peas.
The little bunny girl has had quite a big appetite lately. I bought her a hamburger for dinner recently, and gave it to her around 4 o’ clock. By the time it was 6 o’clock she came and asked me “When is supper going to be ready?”
“I fed you a hamburger,” I said.
“I know,” she answered, “but when are we having supper?”
I laughed and made her a ham sandwich. Good thing she’s not a vegetarian anymore!