The Ut-uh man

Tucker has his own way of saying “utto” and his own meaning for it too. He always drops the “o” sound and says ut-uh instead, and he says it often….real often. He gets tired of his food and decides to send it in flight “ut-uh,” he says.
His other new thing is he’s become quite “a lover boy” as his big sister A’Dell says it. We are always kissing him on top of the head and shower him with a million kisses on each cheek daily, but Tucker is in the awkward toddler stage where he wants to plant one right on the smacker, every time. He wiggles around, bobbing his head back and forth as he tries to kiss us over and over again and we try to deflect his slobbery kisses to our cheeks instead. It’s like he just thinks we are really bad shots, like we just miss the target every time. ….so awkward and so funny.
He is very, very persistent. I just start cracking up every time he gets in one of his kissy moods. Last night, after about five minutes of him bobbing back and forth trying to hit the target with a kiss, I finally gave in. Let me tell you, that little boy planted the biggest, wet one right on my lips. I just about choked afterward. That was the sweetest, slobberiest kiss I’ve ever had.
We were talking about his kisses in the car, and sissy was laughing and already making predictions, saying “He’s going to try to kiss all the pretty girls in Kindergarten.”
Hopefully by then he’ll have a little less slobber in those kisses. Sometimes, he gets so excited trying to kiss our lips that he ends up banging his forehead against ours. To that, his response is….you guessed it….Ut-uh!