The Frio

We went to the Frio River for our last big summer “grand finale,” as my daughter would call it. My daughter is definitely a rock collector, so she had lots of fun. We found big rocks, and small rocks, and broken “puzzle” rocks, and holey rocks, and a surprising amount of heart shaped rocks. I don’t know why but it seems that everywhere we go; we come home with a few more rocks. If you open the back door of my truck, rocks come tumbling out of the door pocket, which is filled to the brim.
Now Tucker, he is more a stick man. He is always looking for a cool stick to play with or sometimes chew on while mommy’s not looking. I have a feeling that someday, I’ll have a door pocket full of sticks that come tumbling out when someone opens the door too fast.
They both enjoyed the cold Frio along with cousin baby Audrey and her new fluffy puppy Angus.
We stayed at a 50 acre ranch along the Frio, so pretty much had the place to ourselves for the weekend, and the boys dropped us off at one end of the ranch to float down that stretch of the Frio. Therein lies what seemed to be the boys’ favorite part of the trip…..About halfway down the river, I noticed them up on the river bank looking into the water and laughing with mischievous smiles. They wouldn’t tell us then, because they “didn’t want to scare us” but they were apparently “keeping an eye on” on a big 5 foot snake they saw swimming in the river as all the girls were floating down on tubes.
“Don’t worry,” they said. “It wasn’t poisonous. We looked it up. We didn’t want to scare ya’ll.”
In my heart I guess I knew there had to be several water snakes in that river, because hey, in the country snakes are everywhere. But I think it might be fair to say I would have rather known there was a giant 5 feet long snake near us. They could have at least told us to move to the other side of the river! Boys!