“Meat thief” strikes HEB

This past week Lytle PD handled 52 calls for service and made 55 traffic stops. Of the 52 service calls, 10 of them were reports of suspicious activity/people/vehicles. Of those 55 stops, 42 resulted in citations and 13 received either a verbal or written warning.
Not too much in the way of property crimes, we had few incidents. A Sunset Dr. resident reported a vehicle door was damaged, looks like somebody might have been trying to break in. A Wisdom Rd. resident reported that some prescription pain medication was missing from her residence. Pretty boring so far, the big property crime of the week was a shoplifter at H.E.B. Plus. The “meat thief” got away with about $75 worth of meat. He shoved a couple of 6-8 packs of ribeye steaks down his pants and fled on foot. Keep that in mind if somebody tries to sale you some stolen steaks.
We had a rare robbery on Thursday night. A 16-year-old male used a toy gun to rob the Super Stop on Main St. (Exxon). The clerk was able to subdue the juvenile and our officers arrived and took him into custody. He was processed and accepted into the Atascosa Co. Juvenile Detention Center. This is a case that could have been a real tragedy had a lawfully armed person or peace officer entered the store and got into the mix. This was our only arrest this past week.
Labor Day weekend is approaching; it looks like it is going to be a “hot one.” Our staff will be out in full force working to keep our city safe. I would like to report back next week that we had a slow and uneventful holiday weekend, time will tell.
Don’t forget our annual National Night Out event at the Lytle Community Center is set for Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. Feel free to contact me if your group or business wants a table. I guarantee you will have a blast or at least a free hotdog.
Currently, mixed drinks cannot be served in the city limits. You can have a beer or wine with a meal but not a “mixed drink.” A petition is being circulated (if enough signatures are gathered) that would allow the registered voters of the city to decide if they want to allow “The legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only.” Allowing this would open up possibilities for our city to get major chain type restaurants that operate as a “bar and grill.” Mayor Pro-Tem Ruben Gonzalez will be at the Lytle City Hall from 10 AM – 2 PM on Saturday, Sept. 7 and Saturday, Sept. 14 to gather signatures from registered voters of our city. On the personal side I don’t drink alcohol, never have. But I eat out way too much and a lot of those places serve mixed drinks. I can’t understand why someone would spend $10 on a mixed drink when they could get a basket of fried mushrooms for the same $10 bill. But not everyone is like me; if that was the case slim fit jeans would not exist.