The Circus

Yesterday was “one of those days,” and it’s spilled over into today too. To start off the day yesterday, I discovered my water got cut off because the bill didn’t get paid on time. Right about that time, the baby was screaming for a bottle, but I couldn’t wash out his bottle to make new one cause the water was off. Of course, we are using the most complicated bottles in the world that have like 5 separate parts so it took me a good 5 minutes to find a clean, new set and get him fed.
Then I went in to work, and stayed for longer than I had planned to, so the baby missed his all-important afternoon nap. So then he was Mr. Grumpy Pants for the rest of the evening.
As soon as I arrived back home I found our new horse had escaped and was out roaming around the wrong field that isn’t fenced all the way. My husband wasn’t home yet. So then I had to carry the baby all along the fence line of our property to try to find the weak spot in the fence, and of course I couldn’t find it. The baby loves being outside and he actually enjoyed the stroll, but he’s almost 15 pounds now and so he’s just a little bit heavy for long walks in the south Texas heat!
I finally gave up and stuck the horse in the yard. Low and behold we had just installed a new section of carpet grass in our front yard which looked so scrumptious to the horse, so then we had to squirt him with the water hose to keep him from tearing up the carpet grass. Eventually we had to move him to the backyard with the dogs and the goats, who weren’t impressed by the new visitor. For some reason, our goats are terrified of the friendly horse, who wants so badly to be buddies with the goats, so the goats ran around in circles screaming every time he tried to hang out with them. That was fun to listen to as we tried to sleep last night.
Just last week I was admiring the way our horse and the goats, the dogs and the cats were all getting along so peacefully while we were playing with them in the yard together… The cats were even living in harmony with our new gold fish in our water trough. For the first couple weeks, I constantly caught them fishing for gold fish, but I haven’t seen them peeping over the edge of the trough at all lately. But just when I thought I had gotten them all under control…..I lost it. They certainly weren’t in the mood to be in each other’s company last night when I had only one good fence to keep them! What a circus! The only thing we were missing was the clown!!
Then by the grace of God my dad came over today to look at the fence and found the problem with the horse pen fence in less than 10 minutes. It’s an easy fix! Holy moley! It’s one of those moments where you are relieved and frustrated at the same time! How could I have been so blind! I guess I’m the clown in this circus!!!