Tax rate public hearing Sept. 24

Man it’s hot..nuff said. Maybe it’ll cool off come November. We got 2 tenths of an inch of rain between July 31 and today and only 13.8 inches for the year so far. C’mon man! Some you folks aint prayin.
The meeting this past week was kinda uneventful. I’ll probly be a bad guy on the other side of the Creek for questioning the request from the Hondo Library to provide funding to assist Medina County students and residents so they can access Hondo Library Resources. I asked if other entities (ISD’s and Cities) had been approached about contributing and it seems they were not (they only wanted $10,000). We agreed to a one-time $5,000 donation and Vulcan materials kicked in the other $5,000.
We also agreed to change means of recording land and vitals for the County Clerk which would be more beneficial financially to the County than the current one we are using.
Seems me and Precinct 2 jumped the gun and finished our County Transportation Infrastructure Fund grant projects before we were supposed to start. I was under the impression that the funding was approved but, that we would not be able to access the funds until August. We finished our project on August 26th.
Since it won’t be considered for funding this year, I will be able to apply the funds ($50,000 or less) to a project next Spring. That oughta cover at least a mile of road paving. Glad I have a healthy Precinct fund and can absorb this unexpected expense this fiscal year.
We have a Public Hearing on the Tax Rate on September 24th. Yall come
The Medina County Grant Program to assist small businesses affected by the recent situation is in place. Applications can be obtained online at the Medina County website or at our office on SH 173. For those of you who are computer literate (that don’t include me) there is a Facebook Live podcast this Wednesday at 11:30 discussing the Grant and the process to obtain these funds.
Some form of School is in session and its probly gonna be a challenge to teachers and students alike. Lately, seems like weird and strange and different and fear and doubt have become the norm these days. Unfortunately, kids these days do not have the opportunity to grow up in an environment that we grew up in…and it shows.
Three quarters of the year is gone and it’s 61 days until the event that will shape our children and grandchildren’s future. And only 2 years 3 months and 27 days until I only worry about what happens inside my fence and my final destination. Yep, gonna be just like Cullen Whitney. On a positive note, Murdock tells me that its only 113 days till Christmas.