Tax rate, budget approved

September is gone and the rainy weather is still with us. Black Creek, D.C. got 1.8 inches of rain on Saturday bringin the total for the Metroplex to 22.9 inches for September and 34.8 inches for 2018 so far. Can’t please anybody….just when folks were at the highpoint complainin bout the dry heat, it rains. Now people are complainin bout the rain. Sheeze….
Our Auditor tells us that the County is about $450,000 better off than this time last year in the Cash on Hand column. This is not the final numbers for FY 17-18 but, they should be better when we get the end of the Fiscal Year stats.
We are moving forward with the prospect of buying the old TxDOT yard out on 173 and moving the Pct. 4 yard from Rose Hill to this location. The Environmental Study is dang near complete and we have been given a ballpark figure for the cost of this site. I believe that I have enough funds in my Precinct account to purchase the property and replace them when the old site sells. NOTHING is final yet. This may fall apart at the seams but, we are moving as if it was a done deal.
There was a Public Hearing held for the FY 18-19 Budget, all Elected Officials Salaries, the Pct 2 Special Road Tax and the Medina County Tax Rate for 2018. No one showed to speak on either of these items and they were approved or adopted.
We have hired an Architect (DRG & RVK out of San Antonio) for the Jail Expansion and Courthouse Annex projects and are advertising for bids for a Construction Manager at Risk for the construction of these two projects.
With the approval of an Interlocal Agreement between SWT Junior College, the Hondo Economic Development Committee and Medina County, we have ensured that Medina County has input in the academic, technical training and other educational opportunities offered by the training center in Hondo.
The entire Commissioners Court voted unanimously to appoint Bobby Tschirhart to fill the vacancy created for the Pct 1 Constable when the retirement of Don Berger became effective September 30th.
There was other junk and stuff discussed, approved and bought but, it was not interesting enough to our side of the Creek unless renewing utility rates, approving an agreement to dump ditch material and purchasing burial plots for indigent burials is something you wanna read about.
Me and Sandy are gonna go watch our newest State Senator, Peter Flores, get sworn in on October 12th in Austin. Proud of the fact that Medina County played a pivotal role in his election. November will be a defining time for our Nation. If you were able to stomach the recent political circus that has embarrassed the American People, it’s time to realize that we need to replace the career politicians in Washington and push for term limits at the State and National level. I have imposed a three term limit on myself and will be entering my final term on January 1. Some of these idiots have been in office for 20-30 years….end of rant.