Tall boy thief

Lytle was not a place of excitement this past week. The call volume stayed up at 51 this past week and officers filed 32 citations with the municipal court. The majority of our calls seemed to in the “assist the public” and “suspicious activity” range. That’s okay because that is what we are here for, don’t ever hesitate to call us. Officers like calls that end up as “nothing”, we want to prevent crime and help solve problems. Though I will admit it is difficult when people come to you with a problem they have been dealing with for years and want you to solve it in 5 minutes, but what the heck I’ll give it a shot. After I talk to people for a while they either leave happy or pretend they are happy just so I will quit talking. Either way I go home feeling like I made the world a better place.
Here is the latest information on crimes (all two of them) that were reported to the Lytle PD in the past week: Crime #1 – An unknown person(s) entered a vacant residence on Mesquite St. (a foreclosure) and did about $1,500 worth of damage. Crime #2 – A man took a single beer from H.E.B. and walked out without paying for it, not a big theft but it was a “tall boy.” So that scene was not too interesting last week, no complaints from me though. Stealing a single beer from H.E.B. is not too common, most of the time they will try to load a basket full. I’m not a drinker but I guess that would be like me going in and cutting open a bag of ginger snaps and eating just one. Even if I took the whole bag it would be gone by the time I got out the front door, those things are addictive. I would probably detour by and grab some milk while I was at it too.
We didn’t take anybody to jail! It’s near the end of the budget year and we are trying to not run over in our gasoline line item. Lt. Dear did cite one individual for burning without a permit, so that will have to do for “action” this week.
Since I don’t have a Facebook account I’ll share a bit of my life here, that way you know I am a human and not just the “crime fighting machine” that you see on the streets. This past weekend I loaded up the family and we headed down to the Onalaska / Livingston area to spend the night with my wife’s sister and her family. He’s the new pastor at Pine Forest Baptist Church, I got to see him preach and take in some awesome views of Lake Livingston. It was a quick but relaxing trip.