Sushi and chocolate milk

We finished out the first week of March with only 48 service calls and 34 traffic stops. The traffic stops resulted in 23 drivers being issued citations and 11 were given warnings.
Here is what went on …. We had three arrests, but only one went to jail. A traffic stop on McDonald St. resulted in the arrest of a 52-year-old male for DWI (2nd offense). He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. Two other traffic stops resulted in drug paraphernalia arrests (cite and release). One was in the Coalmine Subdivision and the other was on Main St. If fuel prices keep raising, we may have to start asking the people we arrest to “pitch in a few bucks for gas” for the trip to jail.
Property crimes (total of 3, if you count a lost wallet): The big crime of the week was the catalytic converter thefts from the Lytle ISD Bus / Fleet yard. On Wednesday morning Capt. Reyes took the report, 13 converters were cut from vehicles. Most of the vehicles were SUVs, vans, and pick-ups, all belonged to Lytle I.S.D. A complainant reported that she lost a Michael Kors wallet that contained her DL and $50 at the Pumphouse Car Wash. The final and most disgusting crime of the week: An unknown person ate sushi at the H.E.B. Plus (without paying) and fled with a chocolate milk (without paying). The loss was valued at $12. Eating sushi and washing it down with chocolate milk ought to be crime, even if you pay for it.
According to the latest TXDOT plans we should see work starting on the IH-35 access roads and the intersections of FM 3175 and FM 2790. The project should be completed by the “Winter of 2023”. Please observe all detour signs. Even without construction, traffic can be tough at those intersections. Just one of the many growing pains I am sure we will experience.
There are already people living in the Saddle Ridge subdivision! I met one retired couple that just moved in from out of state, they seemed nice, or they put up a good front. I talked to them a good while, I can imagine them going back in the house and saying to each other “I hope everyone around here isn’t as long-winded as that guy.”