Super Slurper!

Well I think I walked about 2 miles on A’Dell’s Halloween trick or treating trip. That’s what you call a dedicated pregnant mom! A couple of my cousins pushing new babies in strollers also made the trip, and I thought about hopping in one of those strollers a few times, but those babies were too cute to squish.
Running ahead of us with their candy buckets were A’Dell (the cutest witch on the block), her vampire cousin Claire, Firefighter Luke, Policeman Cody, and their little brother Lane, who somehow turned out to be a jailbird. He was dressed in a striped jailbird suit and cap and they had him locked up in his stroller. We also had cousin Supergirl Bailey, Batman Emmet, and another baby with us, Adalynn, who was just plain cute.
So we started walking the loop around the golf course this year, and once you are at the bottom of the hill, half way around, you realize you are pretty much past the point of no return and might as well loop back around the other side of the golf course. I wasn’t too worried, because after all, Batman was with us.
And of course, every now and then, I imposed a “candy tax” or “candy penalty” on one of the kids for running too far ahead of us, or too far off the side of the road, etc., or just because I was running low on steam. I don’t know what’s up with that saying “it’s easy as taking candy from a baby,” because that ain’t no easy thing! I kept pointing at my belly, telling the kids “That candy tax is for the baby, not me.” But Supergirl was even nice enough to voluntarily give me a piece a candy–now that’s a super sweet kid.
On another note, as I’m writing this column, I look up toward an obnoxiously loud slurping noise. That’s when I realized that slurping noise I’d been hearing in the background for a few minutes was coming from my daughter. She had her face and lips smashed down, pressed against our dining room table, literally slurping up a drink she spilled on the table. And it wasn’t even Kool-Aid! It was a cup of water! Kids! I can’t imagine what possessed her to do that, but I guess once upon a time long ago, I probably tried it before too.
Hey I guess it’s better than her just leaving a puddle on the table and not cleaning it up at all! That’s progress, one baby step, or slurp, at a time!