Warhorse Israel Reyes finished with a 600 lbs squat, 325 lb bench, 525 lb deadlift to qualify for State!

Horses compete at Regionals

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer
Israel Reyes has one more competition to go in 2024 and it is his biggest and most important one yet as he qualified for the State Powerlifting Meet in Abilene at Taylor Country Arena. Reyes placed 4th overall in the 181lb division.
Seth De Leon and Joe Guerrero also qualified for the Regional Meet at JK Northway in Edinberg but were not able to successfully extend their season.
Reyes lifted a total weight of 1,450 pounds that included 600lb in the squat rack, 325lb on bench, and 525lb deadlifting.
Congratulations to all three Warhorses and best of luck to Israel in Abilene!

Seth Deleon competed in the Regional Meet.