Spider Webs on the Cake

When you have most of the family together and good weather, well there’s not much better than that. This Sunday was one of those days at the ranch. It was a little toasty earlier in the day, but by the evening that cool breeze was just right.
To top it all off, we have one of those big inflatable waterslides for the kids, which means they stay in one place for longer than five minutes and us moms actually get a chance to sit on the front porch swing.
Tucker celebrated his birthday this weekend with lots of his little boy cousins. Cousins, cousins, cousins…he sure loves cousins. They are a wild bunch, but they sure know how to have fun. They even got the cops called on them for the first time! Apparently one of the boys was yelling for the others to get off of him as they were wrestling (which a neighbor heard) and my husband was standing outside the yard nearby chopping wood with an axe, and the combination of the two I guess is what ended up with the officers calling for backup before they approached. My husband got quite a nice surprise when he turned around and saw a deputy standing in our driveway.
I think Tuck’s favorite present was a bargain I got at the flea market for $3. The extravagant Pirate ship was all the rage when opened it, with secret compartments and all. One of his other favorite things was showing off his cake, which he helped decorate. I had gotten angel food cake so I needed a skinny pan, and the only skinny pan I had was in the shape of a cross (used for a baptism party years ago I guess). He decided he wanted his birthday cake to be a Spiderman themed, so we can a cross shaped Spiderman cake when all was said and done.
I’ve always hated spiders, and never imagined I’d be drawing spider webs on a pretty birthday cake, but hey, we’ll do anything for our kids won’t we?
It started off pretty fancy looking, until Tucky grabbed a hold of the white tube of icing to add to the “spider webs” I had neatly drawn. Let’s just say Spideyman had plenty of icing webs to climb on when the birthday boy was finished decorating his cake. But it’s okay, because Tucky sure took a lot of pride and joy in showing off his cake. In fact, he wanted to open the refrigerator and pull out the cake to show each and every guest for the first hour or so.