Snow cool!

I hadn’t been watching the news to keep up with the weather much lately, so go figure, I didn’t put much thought into the “possibilities that it might snow,” but low and behold it sure did! A’Dell is 7 now, and that’s her first experience with real snow that she can remember. The last time we saw real snow was in New Mexico when she was just a baby.
So we ran outside and froze our butts off, and built a teeny-tiny frosty. We tried to set up a snow slide with her waterslide, but that didn’t work out too well. But she had an absolute blast, that’s for sure.

I made sure to tell her that this is something that’s only happened in Devine a few times in my lifetime. Of course, the next morning……the most innocent eyes looked out the window and lit up to see a little snow still on the ground, and then she looked up at me with her big begging eyes and asked, “Mom when is it going to snow again?”
I wish I could give her more hope of another magical snowy night in Devine someday soon.