During church, I watched as a toddler looked for creative things to do with his little toy car during church, and he eventually wheeled his cars over and around the top of his mom’s head, like the part in her hair was a highway. She sat there patiently, focused on what the preacher was saying, just as I ignored my little 6-month-old monster who was batting my face and grabbing at my neck and bouncing on me like I was a human trampoline. We moms are so talented at ignoring the musings of our children when we want to.
There’s absolutely nothing I love more than being a mama, but it’s always nice to have a little break, now and then. Thankfully I have the best built-in helper ever…big sister A’Dell! She loves to play with baby Tucker, and she can certainly bring entertainment. She can capture his attention like no one else can. It’s so sweet to see him look with those big ol eyes wide open, and with such loving affection, he’s so anxious to see what silly thing sissy does next. He just laughs and laughs and laughs.
Lately, she’s been trying to get him into the entertainment business too, though. She took him into his room to play one day, and then came out and set him on the blanket in the living room, saying “Now, listen up everyone! Tucker is going to do a trick!”
Dad and I turned our attention to the baby stage, and big sissy proceeded to call out commands to the baby as if he was a little puppy dog. “Sit Tucker! Roll Tucker,” she said proudly. The only thing she was missing was the dog treats.
I’m sure someday when he’s about 4 years old, he’ll be very offended at her treating him like a dog, but right now, he’s just happy as hell to be in her show. He doesn’t always understand and follow the commands, but he smiles and she keeps on trying. Come to think of it, I’m not sure who’s doing tricks for whom.
Tucker is turning into a big explorer, and his little personality is really shining through. He isn’t crawling yet, but he sure finds a way to get where he wants to go. He sits and rolls over sideways, sits and rolls over sideways, and he makes his way all the way across the room in no time at all. I have no doubt, it won’t be long til’ he’s driving his toy cars through the part of my hair during church, and like that other mom I’ll just be glad he’s sitting halfway still and not screaming his head off!