Singing herself to sleep

Ever since we rearranged A’Dell’s room, she’s had the hardest time sleeping. After being woken up by her bad dreams several nights in a row, I decided to give her my old portable CD player and headphones, which used to help me sleep. She definitely took a liking to it. I’m not sure how much sleep she’s getting, but she doesn’t get scared anymore. She listens to Gabe Garcia and sings his songs all night long I think.
Every time I get up to go to the bathroom, I peek in her room and often hear her singing along with Gabe. She really gets into it too. The funny thing is, she doesn’t realize how loud she’s singing. Every time I tell her she sounds cute, she gets embarrassed and says, “Mom I wasn’t singing.” It sure cracks me up. There’s nothing funnier than watching someone sing like no one’s listening.
She loves it so much she even brought Gabe Garcia to breakfast with us a few days ago. My first reaction was to tell her to cut that thing off. But she was just sitting there eating her Cheerios, grinning ear to ear, singing her heart out with headphones on….so what could I do? I just sang along.