Short-handed defense does enough to secure Warhorse victory


Besides getting the “W” Friday night, which is always the ultimate goal, Devine walked out of Warhorse Stadium without adding a significant injury to the list that had grown to ten by the end of the previous week against Somerset. Although Legacy racked up 303 total yards from scrimmage, the defense got a huge stop when needed in the game’s final minute.
Head Coach Paul Gomez commented on the Warhorse defense, “Of course we need to not give up the big plays; that is obvious. In addition, we also need to get better on stopping teams on third down situations. Too many times on 3rd and short, one or more of our players would hit a Legacy runner short of the first down marker but then after the point of contact Legacy was able to get additional yards after contact to get a first down. We allowed too many yards after contact in this one.
I attribute that to us being too high when we hit and not gang tackling. Our players are coached to pursue the ball and get into the mix. Saying that, as much as we miss Grant Collins and Justin Contreras on offense, those two were also our starting safeties.
We did not have Xsavior Martinez, Joseph Guajardo, and Demi Monreal on defense either due to different injuries. We had to move many players around to help our defense improve but of course, with anything new, it will take some time.
Coach Villa, as well as the other defensive coaches, are expecting those guys to get the job done now and that is the attitude you have to have. When it is someone’s turn to step up to be a player, that person is expected to come through and handle the situation. That is the expectation of the entire Devine Warhorse football team. These boys are going to play hard and keep fighting. Coach Villa will get these boys playing.”
Linebacker contributions
Sergio Martinez led Coach Evan Eads linebacker unit Friday night. He had a 1/2 tackle, 1/2 tackle for loss, and 1 1/2 sacks. Jayce Hackebeil finished with 2 solo tackles, and three 1/2 tackles.
“I am pleased with Serg and Hack,” stated Eads. “They are getting better every day.”
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer