Sharp Pencils

Tucker discovered his sister’s little electric pencil sharpener this weekend, and he sure fell in love with that little machine and the job of sharpening pencils. As I sit here writing this, Tucker is scavenging our junk drawers and house for all pencils in need of sharpening. I have a feeling that no pencil will go unsharpened for long in my house as long as that little machine keeps chugging.
I can remember there was always a line in class to use the electric pencil sharpener, but I didn’t recall just how fun it was for a kid.
Update: There is an enormous pile of pencils on my kitchen table. I had no idea how many pencils we had. They are all very sharp now.
If you are looking for some cheap entertainment this summer, I’ve got three words for you: electric pencil sharpener. It’s almost as good as water balloons.