School officer well-needed, great asset for our schools

Many years ago, the Devine Police Department and Devine ISD teamed up to provide one school resource officer for our local school district, who rotates around to the four campuses in Devine, although lately, most of his time is required for calls at the middle school and high school.
Schools across the nation have an ever-increasing awareness of the need for security measures such as school resource officers (stationed at schools), and Devine is no different. Here’s a look at the need for security measures like these have increased at schools.
According to Devine PD reports, an SRO officer was needed at Devine schools 265 times in 2018. Whether those calls are for something minor or more serious–one thing is for sure–everyone involved is happy they are there to assist.
Superintendent Scott Sostarich stated, “We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with our SRO, Devine Police Department, and the Medina County Sheriff’s Office. Having a presence on our campuses and in our community is very important. They do a tremendous service for us in helping patrol and monitor activities in the area to help keep our schools safe. Their knowledge on handling of emergency situations has been invaluable to improving our safety protocols. We appreciate all they do for us!”
SRO responds to 265 calls at school in 2018
Calls for the SRO officer at our local schools:
2014: 85
2015: 76
2016: 89
2017: 141
2018: 265
2019 (Jan-March 17) = 65
“We look forward to continuing to work with Devine ISD and the sheriff’s office to keep our kids safe,” said Devine PD Lieutenant Chris Andrews.