Sale of Rose Hill Precinct yard authorized

Last week I had 1.9 inches of rain and Monday morning we got 2 more inches out Black Creek way bringing our yearly total to 38.7 inches. September and October (so far) contributed 25.9 inches of rain to the annual accumulation. Now all we need is a foot or two of snow and this will be a banner year.
There are 8 polling locations for the upcoming November elections and Medina County residents can vote at any of the locations that they happen to be close to when the urge hits. Locally, voters can go to the Annex here in Devine or the First Baptist Church in Natalia. I urge everyone who is registered to show up and vote your conscience. The latest drama in Washington has been embarrassing to say the least.
Medina County was instrumental in the election of State Senator Peter Flores in the recent Special Election and a good group of Medina County Officials and residents attended his Swearing-In Ceremony on Friday at the State Capital.
We approved an Agreement to allow credit card processing in the District Clerks office making it more convenient to do business with them.
We accepted the Appraisal for the current Precinct yard out at Rose Hill and authorized the sale of same. We have started the paperwork process to purchase the TxDOT site on SH173 across from the High School but the paperwork finalizing the deal is down the road a bit. This will be purchased with Pct 4 funds and there will be no need to dip into County Reserve funds or the General Fund Budget.
The projected start date for the resurfacing of SH 173 from out past Calame Store Rd to SH 132 is October 15th. As of this writing (Oct 16th), the work has not begun. Since this will involve the roadway in front of the High School and will affect traffic to all the schools, I would hope that folks would exercise caution and allow extra time in this area.
With all the unusually heavy and frequent rains, there has arisen several drainage problems. And it seems that the problems are all caused by someone other than the ones experiencing the problems. We cannot help it if someone builds a house in a tank or neglects to install culverts in front of their property or moves into a flood plain and expects water to stay away from its natural flow. In situations like these, it is incumbent upon the property owners to address THEIR problems. If there is a way that we can help fix THEIR problems, we will.
Congratulations to the Warhorses on their victorious outing last Friday night across the Creek and to the Devine Band on getting Straight 1s at UI Saturday. If someone changed the name of the Creek that night, it wasn’t me. I did hear from Melissa Lutz, our Tax Assessor Collector whose husband works for TxDOT….he said he better not be replacing signs Saturday morning. Good weekend. Devine won, the University of Texas won, A&M won, Dallas won, Houston Texans won and the Astros split in Boston. Christmas is only 70 days away…