Rosalie the robo horse

Well my little baby is 7 years old. We haven’t had her big party yet, but we did have a little cake and open a few gifts on her actual birthday. We always end up having 2 birthday parties for every birthday around here. Anyway, I stopped at Dairy Queen to get the cake that day, and left it sitting out on the table for an hour before we decided to do the cake. Little did I know, it wasn’t all cake—it was an ice cream cake! So when I lifted the plastic lid off—we had cake all over the place. The hot candles didn’t help any. Talk about having to sing “Happy Birthday” in a hurry! It was like a lava cake in the end. What a genius I am!
I was going to wait ‘til her big party to give her our best gift this year, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. By the time Thursday rolled around I got her one of those mechanical walking Barbie horses. They are overpriced, but I remember how much I loved mine when I was a little girl, so I knew she’d love it. I was right; she even screamed one of those hair-raising screams when she opened it up. There was a time when she was about 3 that she shrieked with every gift she opened up, but it’s really got to be something special to get her so excited now….after all she is a big girl now.
I have to say, those walking horses are much more advanced now. They actually walk 5 feet without falling. A’Dell had a blast with that thing….especially when she discovered how terrified the cat was when the horse walked toward it. That poor cat. It was water guns last week, and now it’s the walking Barbie zombie horse. A’Dell loves that cat dearly, but she sure likes to chase it too.
Of course, that wasn’t the quietest toy I could have bought. We now spend a great deal of our afternoons listening to the sound of robo horse skating across the living room. It’s truly amazing how many times A’Dell will crawl around back and forth to see the horse walk across the room.
She has hardly left that horse’s side since we bought it. She named it Rosalie. This Saturday, I was folding clothes in the living room when I heard a very distressing “neighing” sound coming from A’Dell’s room. When I arrived to see what the racket was, I was told that Rosalie the walking horse had apparently given birth to a baby horse. She quickly informed me that the baby horse’s name is “Sparkles,” but it hasn’t learned to walk yet. Our cat will be relieved.