Readers set records in the Driscoll Public Library’s Summer Reading Challenge

We are excited to announce all the kids who participated in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. This year’s challenge was the biggest we have ever had. A total of 299 reading logs were turned in by 75 participants. The program began June 1 and continued for eight weeks, ending on July 27. The participants range in age from 5 years old to 18 years old, all of whom were required to record 300 minutes of reading time per log.
Blue Medal Winners
Each of these participants turned in the maximum amount of logs for a total of 40 hours of reading time and all three medals: Priscilla Cardenas, Madison Cross, Abby Enache, Abel Enache, Miriam Enache, Araceli Gallosa, Megan Geierisch, Jilliyn Guajardo, Joselyn Guajardo, Jonathan Guardiola, Kaitlyn Johnson, Melody Kroll, Elena Meeks, Madison Purchis, Catherine Richard, Hannah Richard, Savannah Woolfolk, and Sadie Russell.
Red Medal Winners
Each of these participants turned in five to seven logs and earned two medals: Steven Caballero, Ariana Davalos, Gretchen Gilmer, Marcus Gomez, Ana Mendoza, Diego Mendoza, Jasmine Morgan, Aubrey Olivares, Nick Smith, and Autumn Solomon.
White Medal Winners
Each of these participants turned in three to four logs and earned one medal: Liliana Cardenas, David Enache, Emma Gonzales, Laila Haywood, Lila Haywood, Kaytie Klein, Crystal Martinez, Jace Martinez, Johnny T. Martinez, Maya McElwee, Esteban Mendoza, Lili Mendoza, Josiah Mills, Kris Ramirez, and Sienna Yeigh.
The following participants turned in at least one log: Briana Balderrama, Paige Barron, Emma Kate Caballero, Denise Contreras, Elijah Contreras, Meghan Esquibel, Ethan Gelinas, Natalie Guerrero, Brooklyn Hinnant, Dylan Hinnant, Tyler Hinnant, Elena House, Jesse House, John House, Evelyn Howard, Nyla Jackson, J.J. Johnson, Kayson Klein, Emma Littlefield, Abigail Macias, Emma Martinez, Caleb Maxwell, Cole Maxwell, Evie McElwee, Matias Mendoza, Asher Mills, Ariel Ottinger, Andalynne Ramirez, Perry Rodriguez, Carlo Talamantes, Dresden Talamantes, Slade Whitley, and Peyton Veigh.
Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating this year.