Read Propositions before going to polls

Made it through January without any major problems. We got a little over 1.6 inches of rain out on the Black Creek Boulevard last month and have put in a request several times with the Big Guy for more. Had a two week long session with the gout during mid-January and don’t want it no mo. Childbirth cannot be as painful as the gout but, only a female can compare the two. I’m voting for the gout.
Overall, Medina County is, as reported by our Auditor, doing about 33% better than last year in the Cash on Hand column….about $2.83 million better. We are looking at using some of these reserve funds in the construction of the Courthouse Annex and Jail Expansion projects. The contractors are supposed to be turning dirt in a month or so.
Precinct 4 is down some this year compared to last year due to us buying a new tractor/boom shredder and the purchase of the TxDOT property. These were purchased without dipping into the General Fund which means that through conservative budget management over the past several years, Pct 4 used Pct 4 funds for these additions. We will look better next month when the money from the sale of the old Rose Hill location is figgered in. We still have ample funds for this year’s paving project which is CR 765 from FM 2200 to the Frio County line. Ruth Outlaw is supposed to have her bribes (in the form of cakes and pies) ready when we start.
The roads have been completed in the Sandhurst Subdivision and the lots should be on the market as soon as the water system is in place. This Subdivision is located on the southbound side of IH 35 across the access road from the weigh station. Haven’t spoken with the developer in a while but, I sure hope he puts some restrictions in that will attract home builders instead of manufactured homes. (May catch a little heat from this.)
STILL waiting on phone and internet service at the SH 173 location and have been told that we would have temporary service this week (yeah right). This is the only thing hampering our move. I made a lady in Corpus mad last week when I asked why she couldn’t flip a switch and activate the copper wire method used by TxDOT prior to their move. The next day an AT&T guy was out here checking on our setup. Guess you gotta irritate a few folks to get something done.
Elections are creeping up on us and I would advise folks to read up on the Propositions prior to going to the polls due to some changes in the voting process. There will NOT be a straight ticket option which means you gotta put an X on each of your choices and the Propositions are lengthy and may need some studying. Standing in line is not a lotta fun so, prior knowledge of the items on the ballot will help speed up the process. Dates and locations will be published in the near future so, watch the papers.
We have our tire trailer in place and are taking used, trash tires from 8 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday (Bob Bendele was the first customer). Some folks still don’t realize that the Citizens Refuse Collection Station has been moved as well. It is open on Saturdays ONLY…from 8 AM – 4 PM.
We have moved the flagpole at the 173 location and are taking bids on building a sign out front so folks can tell where we are now. We have almost gotten back to our regular operating mode but will still respond to requests for service. If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it. Dang ash trees are already budding out…way too soon for this.
When we finally get fully operational, we plan on having a low key, impromptu Open House and I’ll post the date and time here. Keep prayin for rain….