Rantings of a Recovering Politician

Aint rained out in the Black Creek vicinity since December 18th. Some you folks are leaving rain outta your prayers.
Almost time to pay your annual rent for the privilege of living in Medina County. Mine comes to $9.17 a day…every day. Thanks to last year’s vote, County taxes are now frozen for those of us over 65. Still high due to the Appraisal but, what are you gonna do? Pay them or give it to the County and let them sell it for less than it’s worth or defer your taxes and let them have it when you die?
Last week’s Agenda for Commissioners Court was not very interesting with vacating and replatting taking center stage. Don’t think I’ll go watch unless there is something interesting on tap.
Lost a good man last week that was a positive influence on your kids…mine don’t go to school here anymore. Jacob Sanchez touched those he taught and will definitely be missed. Those who were the recipient of his efforts will never forget his influence on their lives. Need a lot more like him.
Retirement is good so far. I try to get at least one task completed every day. If not, I am free to put it off until tomorrow. After trimming trees for a couple of days, I woke up at 6 but, knowing I didn’t have to get up, I went back to sleep and slept till 9..felt good but, wasted most of the day. And no, Sandy don’t have a list of things to do…I got a list of things that I’d like to do but, sometimes I change priorities.
Don’t know what your City has on its long range plans but, it would be good to resurrect some old ideas like…sidewalks on the other side of SH 173 or changing the name of that road to something more Devine like. But, that’s not my problem. I’m kinda like Bob Bendele and seeing the word “Hondo” on the front of our High School is kinda tough to look at. I would be in favor of the idea.
KK has decided to let me continue to write for the paper and I’ll try to do the same bi-monthly entry and keep an eye on County (maybe some City) happenings. Danny Lawler has taken over as your Commissioner and I do believe that he is going to do good things for us in that Office. Says he’s gonna keep some of the services like tire disposal and assisting the Cities of Devine and Natalia.